BOSTON: Angel Media Panel, talks "Marvel Knights Spider-Man"

As revealed earlier today here at CBR, artist Angel Medina ("Spawn") revealed during a panel at Wizard World Boston Friday afternoon that he has signed an exclusive, three-year contract with Marvel Comcis, with an option for a fourth year. Shortly after he hit the audience with that bombshell he revealed what his first gig for the House of Ideas would be-- "Marvel Knights Spider-Man." The rest of the creative team has yet to be announced.

In his own words, Medina is a "…huge freaking Marvel fan.

"When I was talking to Marvel at the very beginning about doing work for them, I gave them a list of characters that I wanted to do and then they compared that to a list of characters they had holding for me," Medina said. "…We kept going down [the list] until we got to something we both wanted, and I always wanted to do Spider-Man."

Medina does not usually take on more than one project at time, he said at his panel, so that he is free to explore his creative space without being distracted by other projects and deadlines. When asked in the interview with CBR News about whether he would be on "MK Spider-Man" for the rest of his term at Marvel, he said that "there were a couple of [characters] that they would like me to do."

"I kind of want to concentrate on my childhood dream projects," he added.

"My number one goal is I'd like to do the Avengers," Medina said during the panel, "Not the Avengers you see now; the old school Avengers."

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