The Stan Lee Tribute By Bosslogic Is Heartbreaking

The passing of Stan Lee has inspired numerous actors, writers and celebrities to pay their respects to his impact on entertainment. Artist Bosslogic has now expressed his condolences for Lee by creating a piece of artwork in his honor.

The poster is a black background, only illuminated by a single spot of light blue to the left with Spider-Man's hand shooting a web. The web begins as a heart rate monitor before flatlining at the end of the poster in the shape of Spidey's web. In the middle is the word "Excelsior" with "1922-2018" right below it. Lee was largely responsible for the creation of Spider-Man, adding a more personal connection to the poster.

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"You were one of the people in this world that gave us the fuel to dream about being heroes, creating heroes and being inspired by heroes," said Bosslogic on his Instagram post. "Thanking you is one thing, but respectfully building on your foundations is something you have helped me and others do."

Bosslogic ends his post by saying, "So happy you lived a full life."

Bosslogic is famous for many of his fan posters and artwork. He has done mock-up posters for Avengers 4 and Spider-Man: Far from Home, the former of which is confirmed to have its Stan Lee cameo already filmed.

Many other renowned figures involved in the comic and movie industries have paid their respects to Stan Lee. Hugh Jackman referred to him as "one of the greats." Joss Whedon, director of The Avengers, paid his respects. Even DC writer Tom King came forward to honor Lee's legacy.

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