Boruto's Team 7 Has Officially Become Konoha's Suicide Squad

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #39 by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto and Ukyo Kodachi, on sale now.

In the Boruto manga, the youngster's squad hasn't really been give as much agency as they have in the anime in terms of intense missions. In fact, they've been coddled a bit by Naruto and his seniors, especially with the rising threat of the sinister group known as Kara. Naruto himself has taken in Kawaki to look after him, training him with Boruto, knowing Jigen, aka Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, wants both of them as potential vessels.

However, following Jigen's assault on Konoha; his sealing away of Naruto; Shikamaru's police force short of a solution and Sasuke badly wounded, the Fire Village has gotten its very own Suicide Squad.

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This team includes Boruto, Mitsuki, Sarada -- the members of Team 7 -- and last but not least, Kawaki. Konohamaru has groomed the kids well over the years but this is going to be the ultimate test as they travel to a secret space-time dimension to rescue Naruto. This comes after the Konoha cops try to lock them down, thinking Kawaki's in league with Jigen, only for the runaway to realize his Karma mark, and Boruto's, are the key to opening a portal to Naruto. Using a prosthetic arm Naruto transferred chakra into for Kawaki, they're able to track and open a rift to their leader.

Kawaki's reluctant to take his teammates along, however, as he knows the chances of them coming back are slim to none, but as Team 7 makes it clear, even if this means suicide, it's all about getting Naruto back to safety. And as it turns out, with the deadly Boro waiting there, it could well be the end of them all. Still, it's very brave, and as Mitsuki (Orochimaru's offspring) points out, it's a last resort but one he feels only they are capable of pulling off.

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He's assessed Kara and knows his chakra manipulation, plus the snake-jutsus his parent passed down will help him, especially as he's akin to an omega-level shinobi. Given Boruto's powers are burgeoning in ways Naruto could only dream of at that stage in life, and Kawaki's a walking, breathing weapon of mass destruction himself, Mitsuki calculates the mission's right for their expertise.

Sarada's been unlocking more of her ocular techniques passed down by Sasuke too, and with the blood of the Uchiha in her, Mitsuki knows she can combine with Boruto the same way her dad did with Naruto in the past. Most of all, they have the chemistry and experience together, as young as they may seem. Seeing Mitsuki step up like this very impressive as it reaffirms he'll definitely be a leader someday should he survive this ordeal -- maybe even Hokage. It's something Sarada aspires to as well and, given how they perform here, it'll definitely dictate their future and pit one of them as a leader-in-the-making.

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With that in mind, Boruto's ready to max his powers out -- not caring much for the mantle -- and with the Karma seal bringing out his and Kawaki's powers in full, these are two trump cards Boro shouldn't be underestimating. Jigen has warned his terrorists in the past these two kids, should they cut loose, would be difficult to contain or even kill, and them losing control is actually something Mitsuki's counting on. He wants the two youngsters to bring the chaos, because he'll be forming tactics calmly in the background with fellow strategist Sarada, looking to produce something neither Boro nor Jigen would ever see coming in order to free Naruto.

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