Boruto: 10 Things We Want To See In The Time Slip Arc

The Time Slip arc is the 15th arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and something that's got the fans on the edge of their seats. Right from the moment this arc was announced, it was evident that we had something special coming our way because it certainly has a lot of potential if executed in the right manner. As Boruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha go back in the past to stop Urashiki and save Naruto, we await what this arc holds in store for us and, of course, at the same time, we have a list of things that we want to see happen in the Time Slip arc in Boruto.

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10 The Olden Days

One of the reasons why fans, new and old, are watching this arc with so much enthusiasm is because it is set in the past. While the Boruto anime has often been criticized for not being entertaining enough, going back to the old days certainly offers a key solution to the problem. Naruto was, frankly speaking, a much better experience than what Boruto has been so far, so this little crossover could help give Boruto the boost it needs, and since it is set in the Naruto era, people will undoubtedly enjoy it.

9 The Warring Era

Often in Boruto, it is mentioned that Naruto brought peace to the Five Great Nations. The era of peace began after the conclusion of the Fourth Great Ninja War, but prior to that, wars and skirmishes between nations were barely surprising. While Naruto achieved a great thing, it has led to the new generation of shinobi being less determined, and as a result, the show's lost its touch. Since the arc is set in the past, we expect a lot of focus on why the eras are so different, and how the times were grim during Naruto Uzumaki's time in Konoha.

8 Character Interactions

Although Boruto is its own series, Naruto is what sets its foundation. Most of the characters in Naruto have made it to Boruto, but they've been shafted to focus on the new generation of shinobi, understandably.

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Going back to the past and putting Boruto Uzumaki among the old characters gives them a chance to be a part of the show once again. For the fans, this is equally exciting since the characters from Naruto are going to be much more involved, as compared to seeing them only once in a while in Boruto.

7 More Action

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has certainly not been lacking in action, and we expect this arc to be akin to what we've been seeing so far. What's more, the main antagonist for the arc is Urashiki Otsutsuki, a godly threat. To subdue him, Sasuke Uchiha would need to be at the best of his abilities, which means that we have some intense action coming out way. Without a doubt, fans would love to see some great fights in the arc, even more so of old characters are involved in them as well.

6 Electrifying Team-ups

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations doesn't shy away from displaying some great teamwork-based fights. Recently, Boruto and Shinki teamed up to fight Urashiki and before that, Naruto and Sasuke worked together to demolish Momoshiki Otsutsuki. With Boruto and Sasuke being among the old generation characters, team-ups are likely going to be better. Sasuke Uchiha and Jiraiya could be seen working together, and at the same time, we could also get a glimpse of Naruto and Boruto Uzumaki combining their powers to deal with Urashiki Otsutsuki.

5  The Uchiha Reunion

Sasuke Uchiha has traveled back in time with Boruto Uzumaki to stop Urashiki, but he's certainly not the only threat around. During this time period, the Akatsuki was the biggest threat in Naruto, and in the Akatsuki was the infamous Itachi Uchiha.

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With Sasuke being there, it would be a wasted opportunity to not have the two brothers meet despite both being alive. Seeing Sasuke meet Itachi would be every bit as good as we imagine it be because, let's face it, everyone loves Itachi Uchiha.

4 The Konoha 11

The Konoha 11 refers to the 11 rookies of Konoha from Naruto's generation. Being central to the story back in Naruto, it is no surprise that they'll feature heavily in this arc as well. To focus on characters like Neji Hyuga, Rock Lee among many others would certainly help the arc become more popular in the fandom. There's also a chance that Boruto Uzumaki could get to work together with all of them, which, if it happens, would be a win-win situation for both the Naruto and Boruto fans.

3 The Nine Tails

Naruto Uzumaki's main source of power, the Nine-Tails has always been a spectacle to witness, be it in the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, or the berserk Kyuubi cloak. In Naruto Part 1, the latter was much more prominent as Naruto didn't have any sort of control over his powers. Witnessing the raw destructive power of Naruto would certainly be incredible to watch once again, and it would also put kid Naruto in the spotlight once again. Boruto, while great, has restricted Naruto to his Hokage's office, which while understandable, is a bit frustrating at times.

2 Boruto vs Naruto

Both Boruto and Naruto are their own characters and live their own stories as the protagonists. Often, however, fans debate about who the stronger one was as a Genin. Although Naruto and Boruto probably won't fight against each other, a form of training used in the Academy, known as Dentōteki no Shinobi Kumite, could well give us this much-awaited encounter. If it does make its way to the Time Slip arc, we could finally see who the stronger one is. There won't ever be a better opportunity to gauge the skill of Boruto against that of Naruto.

1 An Otsutsuki Trail

Urashiki Otsutsuki is the mastermind behind Sasuke and Boruto being in the past right now, and it goes without saying that he's going to be the main antagonist of the arc as well. While it is unlikely that he'll be killed off, we might get to see the Otsutsuki leave a trail about the Otsutsuki clan or his next target. The Otsutsuki clan remains a big mystery, yet Urashiki seems to know a lot about it, being one of them. Sasuke Uchiha, being a user of the Rinnegan, could follow him with his Rinnegan and give us some key information, and in the process, an incredible arc with Urashiki as the antagonist.

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