Boruto: Naruto's New Enemy Is More Powerful Than We Imagined

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto #34 by Ukyō Kodachi and Mikio Ikemotoon, on sale now.

The Naruto franchise has introduced numerous terrorist cells, including the Akatsuki, run by Uchiha Obito, comprised of rogue ninjas deemed as killable threats by their own villages. Then, there were the mini-cells Uchiha Madara had in play over the centuries, and small squads belonging to Orochimaru and Kabuto, all vying to seize control of the shinobi world. However, the Boruto manga has brought us a new order in the form of Kara, which we first thought was an offshoot of the Akatsuki (given their black cloaks and all).

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But in Chapter #34, as more light is shed on the group, we discover it's deadlier than first imagined.

In the current arc, Kara sent Delta and Koji Kashin to retrieve a genetically modified young ninja it created in the form of Kawaki. The boy is a living, breathing weapon of mass destruction because of his "Karma" mark, now made even more powerful due to Naruto's chakra. But as expected, with the boy staying in Konoha, Naruto defeats Delta in battle, ending with her self-destruction. It's one of his toughest battles yet, leaving the Hokage wondering how strong the others are if she's considered to be a pleb.

Shockingly, as Koji monitors from afar, gathering intelligence on Naruto, Boruto and Kawaki, we see a drone absorbing some sort of energy from the battle site and returning to Kara's hidden base. There, it powers a series of chambers containing Delta clones, with one emerging as angry as ever. It's very similar to the Star Wars Expanded Universe which dealt in the transference of Emperor Palpatine's soul between bodies, except here this drone's transferring Delta's consciousness and chakra, placing her life essence into bodies over the ages. As she and her boss, Jigen, confer, it becomes apparent this process has been used for some time, and Kara may be a near-immortal threat.

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As they hold council with other Kara members like Code and Boro, it seems they even predated the Akatsuki and may have been hiding in the shadows all this time, watching everyone duke it out while taking notes on how the shinobi world should evolve. That means their use of science and the mysticism of the ninja realm stretches back centuries, shaping them as the true alpha of all these villainous organizations. It's no wonder they're so adept at blending technology and the supernatural abilities of ninjutsu to near perfection.

It explains why they're as progressive and, more so, why Jigen is being touted as even more powerful than Naruto. After all, the Hokage is powered up through ninjutsu (well, there's also his Nine Tails beast), as opposed to Jigen, who's the best of both worlds. As a contemplative Koji notes, with his "Karma" mark Jigen is pretty much invincible, which is why they need Kawaki back -- so Konoha doesn't get an equalizer in the form of Jigen's successor.

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Clearly, Naruto alone won't be enough to stop Kara, who's leveling up in secret, waiting to pounce on a world that thought it found peace. Admittedly, with an undying legion and a leader like Jigen, it's going to take an even mightier effort on behalf of Naruto's entire collective to stop them and possibly throw them back to the days of fighting Kaguya, the Rabbit Goddess. He'll need Sasuke at full strength, and hopefully, by this time Boruto would be able to harness his own "Karma" mark, left by the villain Momoshiki in their brawl. And even then, we still can't say if Kara will be defeated because apart from their ninja artillery and raw power, their numbers alone paint a very bleak picture for the future Naruto worked so hard to establish.

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