Boruto: Naruto's Biggest Weakness Has Finally Been Weaponized

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Boruto #31 from Ukyō Kodachi and Mikio Ikemotoon, on sale now.

With Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto has created an array of ninjas with unique fighting abilities that stem from their warrior energy -- their chakra -- as they battle to unite, or divide, the Five Great Ninja Nations. Complementing those abilities is their taijutsu (fighting techniques), which help to craft an all-round shinobi who's as versed in martial arts as he or she in harnessing the chakra, or even nature's energy. However, one of the franchise's biggest add-ons that overpowers a select few is that of the dojutsu, or ocular powers, something that's proved to be Naruto's biggest weakness in battle.

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As we now see in the Boruto manga, Naruto's problems went from bad to worse because the terrorist organization Kara has found a way to mass-produce and weaponize a new, and very lethal, dojutsu.

Ocular abilities are rare, and only passed down to gifted, elite ninjas of a certain bloodline in what's known as the "Kekke Genkai." The Uchiha clan has multiple evolutions of the Sharingan, which made Sasuke and Itachi formidable rivals. The Hyuga clan had the Byakugan, which Neji used to nearly best Naruto, and which has passed to Naruto's children through his wife, Hinata. Another former enemy Nagato had the Rinnegan, arguably the most powerful of them all, which Naruto couldn't beat. As a result, he desperately tried to redeem the villain with words of hope. Of course, Kaguya, the main antagonist of the precursor Naruto franchise, also pushed the titular hero to the limit using a multitude of unique eye techniques, reaffirming that this was the one weapon that created a flaw in Naruto's game.

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They were the only people who came close to beating Naruto, and with those ninjas either dead or turned ally, it would seem the hero is now in the clear. However, in Boruto #31, one of Kara's agents, Delta, attacks Konoha to kidnap their own version of Sasuke, an innocent experiment called Kawaki. That incurs Naruto's wrath, and as he protects the boy from Delta, he shockingly discovers she has a new eye technique he's never encountered.

Delta's method absorbs chakra, and every move Naruto throws at her, only for her to spit it back at him. It isn't merely an enhancer, like the other ocular techniques; it essentially gives Delta access to her opponent's entire arsenal, which means Naruto is now fighting himself. That comes full circle as Delta's eye shoots back the Hokage's Rasengan at him, leaving Naruto at a loss as to how to defeat her.

Oddly enough, Delta's technique is similar to the villain from the Boruto solo movie, Momoshiki. His arm was able to absorb chakra as well, and even throw it back at enemies, and seeing as his ghost is haunting Boruto, one has to wonder whether Kara had any secret affiliation with him in their formative stages. As Kara is based more in science, growing clones and using technology to imbue them with the powers of top-class ninjas, it's speculated that Momoshiki's DNA could have been used in projects, fueled by readers witnessing Delta implanted with this ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

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Naruto's biggest weakness could now be exploited by the legion Kara has engineered, leaving fans wondering what other eye techniques they may boast. With the franchise moving away from the mystical ninjutsu arts and toward science and technology, the possibilities seem endless. And as Naruto and Konoha are learning, their potential is as deadly as ever, because Kara has made clear it will unleash its full might on the Great Ninja Alliance soon.

Boruto #32 goes on sale Feb. 2.

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