The Boruto Manga Finally Gives Fans the Ultimate Naruto & Sasuke Team-Up

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #37, by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto and Ukyo Kodachi, on sale now.

In the Naruto franchise, fans clamored for years to see the titular ninja and Sasuke put aside their differences and work together. They were rivals for most of the series, although they did unite towards the end to face off against Kaguya, only for Sasuke to turn on his comrade. However, Naruto won and became Hokage, with Sasuke finally seeing the light and letting go of his bloodthirsty ways and the need to avenge his fallen clan. They would team up against Momoshiki and Kinshiki years later in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, and while they proved to be quite an epic partnership there, Boruto's latest manga chapter finally gives us the ultimate alliance between the duo as they take on Jigen.

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When Naruto and Sasuke fought Kaguya, seeing as she was a godlike entity, they maxed out their chakra abilities as the realm's top shinobi to fight her. Naruto went into Sage Mode, bringing Kurama (his Nine Tails Fox) to the brawl, while Sasuke used his Susanoo (a chakra shell that's basically a giant samurai) to take her down as normal ninjutsu just wouldn't cut it. This was quite the spectacle, but it still felt like the heroes were overpowered, and we didn't get to see them really going at Kaguya on a ground-level, the way Kakashi taught them.

This was also the case against Momoshiki and Kinshiki, as they were members of Kaguya's clan as well. But against Jigen, as they suss him out, we see them using taijutsu, throwing fans back to when they trained together as youths. In the alien dimension Jigen takes Naruto to, Sasuke's already there trying to gather intel, thus giving way for this two-on-one. Sasuke wields his ninja sword, while Naruto tries using his clones, but with Jigen's unique rods draining their chakra and shooting it at them like arrows, it's difficult to power up the way they're accustomed to.

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As a result, they begin working together, offering avid readers the combat dance of death Kakashi always wanted to see them using. It's remarkable how seamless they mesh together with their combos, although things don't go according to plan. Still, they're in their prime, vastly experienced and now they know how to master their full array of powers. More so, they can improvise and adapt-- something they couldn't do on the fly before, as they weren't mature enough.

Here, they've perfected their partnership, and it's exciting seeing them engage Jigen, drawing back, strategizing and going again, something they never did before, as they usually rushed in headfirst. Time's definitely the best teacher. and with Naruto doing the groundwork, Sasuke plays to his own strengths of dissecting Jigen's secret weapon -- manipulating matter -- before pulling the Hokage out so they can adjust their tactics.

This is the Naruto and Sasuke we've waited to see for so long, patient and critically thinking about the fight as if it's a game of chess. It's also splendid watching them not throwing out powers and special moves left, right and center (all limited due to Jigen's abilities). Instead, they're warriors trying to come up with solutions against the perfect soldier in Jigen. Kakashi would be quite proud, as well as mentors like Jiraiya and Hiruzen Sarutobi, but as fans have noted, while the duo is performing well currently, they're still well away from figuring out how to take Jigen out, and save the instrument of destruction back home known as Kawaki.

Boruto #38 will be released on Sep. 20.

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