Naruto's Powers Get a Major Upgrade in the Boruto Manga

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto #33 from Ukyō Kodachi and Mikio Ikemotoon, on sale now.

In the Naruto franchise, the journey of the titular ninja towards becoming the Hokage (or leader) of his village has been one of the most intriguing in manga and anime history. For years, fans remained locked in on the story Masashi Kishimoto spun, as the title character went from the brat of Konoha to a leader in the Great Ninja Alliance, helping usher in a new era of peace along the way.

However, as an older Naruto teaches the next generation the ways of the ninja in the Boruto manga, a rising threat has arrived to once more spell doom and gloom. And in typical Naruto fashion, the Hokage not only defends his kids from danger, he goes on to reveal a massive power upgrade, one that puts him on a godlike level.

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Throughout the series, whether as a kid, or a teen in the Shippuden era, Naruto was known as a chakra-strong ninja. He inherited this from his parents, Minato of the Namikaze bloodline, and Kushina of the Uzumaki clan -- as both sets of ancestors were able to store vast amounts of chakra within. Seeing as chakra connected the human soul to nature's energy, it allowed a ninja to manipulate their surroundings and replenish their bodies with energy to fight for days, or even weeks, non-stop. It also allowed fighters to control the elements of air, fire, water and earth with ease. However, none of these clans were ever able to reach the heights of the only person to master being an unlimited reservoir for chakra: The Sage of the Six Paths, aka the man who started the shinobi life centuries ago.

Or so we thought.

In Boruto #33, Naruto battles Delta, an assassin from the Kara terrorist cell who's looking to raid the village. The Hokage has drawn her wrath as he's offering refuge to Kawaki, a young boy that Kara engineered to be a weapon like Naruto's longtime rival, Sasuke. But we all know Naruto won't go down without a fight, even if Delta has also been secretly engineered herself to actually expose Naruto's biggest weakness in battle. In fact, as she keeps absorbing all his moves, namely the power blast known as the Rasengan, Naruto illustrates why he just can't be beaten as he unveils a big secret of his own.

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Delta keeps absorbing and throwing back Naruto's Rasengans, but he quickly figures out she has a limit as to what she can store. When Naruto tries to overload her by powering giant Rasengans into her eye (i.e. her point of chakra absorption), we see just how high her threshold is. But while she initially believes she can take all Naruto has to offer, the assassin quickly realizes that though her foe is expending chakra and energy like a nuclear bomb, his stock isn't going down. At this juncture, he tells her that she didn't factor the fact that he has infinite chakra flowing through his human form.

Ultimately, Delta gets overloaded and dropped by one final Rasengan bomb by the walking, talking weapon of mass destruction, leaving her incapacitated and possibly dead.

We've always known Naruto's chakra level was off the charts, because in the Great Ninja War he loaned chakra to his army to fend off the threats of Kaguya. But this new revelation certainly puts Naruto on the same rung as the Sage of the Six Paths.

However, when we factor in Naruto's training and the sage mode he honed with Master Jiraiya, it makes sense that he's now linked to nature in a way we could never imagine as he aged and kept practicing. Apart from being wiser about how to harness his abilities, he's also benefitted from storing Kurama (aka the Nine Tails Beast) inside him for decades now, so it's clear that -- as the reincarnated spirit of the Sage's son, Ashura -- Naruto well and truly has become inhuman after all these years and is on par with the Six Paths.

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