Boruto: All Known Kara Members, Ranked By Strength

Kara is a group of strong individuals in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations who have some sort of ill intentions for the world at large. Led by the mighty Jigen, they're preparing to use Kawaki as the next vessel of Otsutsuki Isshiki, and are also very interested in acquiring Boruto Uzumaki as well.

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The ranks of Kara include some monstrously powerful people, some of which are ninjas, and others who are enhanced by scientific ninja technology that's very prevalent in the next generation of Naruto. Either way, they pose an incredible threat to the world. Here are all the known Kara members ranked by their strength.

9 Garou

Garou was one of the outer members of the Kara who was wielded monstrous power enough to match Kawaki in a fight. He made use of scientific ninja technology in battle which was likely provided to him by Amado. Using its powers, Garou was able to push Kawaki back to some extent during their brief fight, but he ended up losing his life in the process of fighting the young child.

Although strong, Garou's powers weren't enough to warrant him a spot in the Kara inners, which includes the real powerhouse of the organization.

8 Ao

Ao was a shinobi from Kirigakure who served under the Fifth Mizukage, Mei Terumi. He was renowned for having the Byakugan, which he got from a branch member of the Hyuga Clan. Although Ao was presumed to have died during the Fourth Great Ninja War, he survived and was used by Kara as one of their outer members.

Aside from being a magnificent shinobi, Ao was amped by the Ninja technology of the organization, which enabled him to take on the entire Team 7 alone. Ultimately, Ao was killed by Kashin Koji for showing compassion to an enemy. Nonetheless, he was a fearsome fighter.

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7 Victor

Likely the oldest members of the Kara organization, Victor was most likely also the weakest. Out of all the Kara members, he's the one to fall first right after the first introduction of the organization.

Although he is said to have possessed a fearsome regeneration factor along with having some of the most powerful ninja technology at his disposal, Victor fell to Kashin Koji's Samadhi Truth Flames as it proved to be too strong for him. Surprisingly, no question of his death has been raised so far. Having fallen so easily, it is not a surprise to see him at such a low spot.

6 Amado

Amado is one of Kara's Inner members, which automatically makes him an insanely powerful person. He's a brilliant scientist who has managed to create all the intricate ninja technology for the Kara members over the years. Amado has also modified the bodies of certain Kara members, such as Kawaki, and even the likes of Delta and Boro.

When it comes to combat abilities, it appears that Amado isn't as strong as one would think, but his intelligence makes up for that in more than one way. Amado may be focused on a bit more than usual soon.

5 Code

Another powerful member of the Kara Inner, Code was recently introduced in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga. He seems to be a very arrogant person who has no respect for his compatriots. Being a Kara inner, it's not a surprise that Code is likely a person with incredible physical prowess.

Although he hasn't been in any fights so far, Code will be involved in the story at some point, sooner or later. His power is enough to have earned him a spot in the Inner circle of Kara. Code is implied to be stronger than Delta since he made fun of her for losing to Naruto, but that remains speculation until feats back it up.

4 Boro

Boro is one of Kara's strongest members, described by Kawaki as 'even more dangerous than Jigen' in some ways. He possesses great durability coupled with a high regeneration factor as he appeared to tank a Rasengan and emerge with minimal damage. Boro is proficient in Water Style ninjutsu.

He can also use the Lava Release Kekkei Genkai, using which he can create a dark mist that weakens all those in its range slowly. With all his abilities combined, Boro is a threat to even the strongest of shinobi in the world of Boruto. His skills haven't been fully explored yet, and it is likely that he'll have more techniques up his sleeve.

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3 Kashin Koji

One of Kara's most intriguing members, Kashin Koji is a former shinobi who seems to have some connection to Konohagakure. Koji possesses the ability to summon huge toads and use the Rasengan. He has demonstrated enough skill to fight against the likes of Konohamaru with little trouble. Furthermore, Kashin Koji wields the all-powerful Samadhi Flames Jutsu which, akin to the Amaterasu, burns its targets until they're incinerated.

Koji could very well be the second strongest member of the Kara organization, but what little we've seen from him so far qualifies him for the third spot on this list at most.

2 Delta

Unarguably, the spot of the second strongest in Kara goes to Delta. Just like many other Kara members, she is modified scientifically by Amado. Delta possesses immense strength which is powered by the ability to extend her limbs at will, like Kawaki. Using her tech, she can absorb any ninjutsu, although her absorption has a limit, as proven by Naruto Uzumaki.

She has enough strength to keep up with Six Paths Naruto in terms of combat, making her a monster whichever way you look at it. Added to everything, Delta can also shoot powerful rays from her eyes, the damage from which can't be restored.

1 Jigen

The leader of Kara, Jigen tops the list as their strongest members and rightfully so. Jigen has enough power to outclass both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in battle at once, something Momoshiki Otsutsuki failed at doing. The source of his power is Isshiki Otsutsuki who is occupying his body as a vessel. Jigen possesses the ability to shrink objects, including himself, to microscopic sizes instantly which makes him nearly untraceable.

Using his Otsutsuki powers, he can also generate black chakra receivers, which he used to incapacitate both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. Undoubtedly, he's the strongest in not only the organization but the entire series.

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