Boruto: 10 Things Only True Fans Know About Chocho Akamichi

Though the series has plenty of weaknesses, one of the better things about Boruto is it’s expanded focus on a cast beyond just the lead and his teammates.

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That means it can often (though arguably sometimes too often) give us a glimpse into the lives of other characters—for instance, ones like Chocho Akamichi, daughter of Chouji Akamichi and his wife from Kumogakure, Karui. Chocho is a cheerful young kunochi that happens to be one of the bright spots of the series both in attitude and in the comedic relief she provides, and this list has all the juicy details about her.


Even compared to some of the other kids in the series, Chocho’s always had quite the imagination. During one of the earlier arcs in the series, Chocho admitted to Sarada and Mitsuki that she’s always thought she had completely different parents than Karui and Chouji.

Much of this comes from an experience she had when she was much younger, where Chouji had to use his special Calorie Control technique to slim down in order to get a special medicine to help with Chocho being sick. Because Chocho didn’t recognize him, she assumed he was her real father instead!


No one can say Chocho has low self-esteem. Though we’ve seen her struggle with trying to lose weight, she’s frequently confident enough to believe that every boy she meets is in love with her, even assuming the same about Naruto once.

Of course, the truth is that it’s actually the opposite, as she usually winds up developing a crush on any cute boy she meets, and often times those crushes are not reciprocated.


They’ve released plenty of character trivia information about the next generation of ninja in Boruto. What we know about Chocho is that her hobbies are eating contests and watching TV dramas, and supposedly her favorite food is just about anything.

And while that could be believable, it’s hard not to notice that Chocho frequently carries around one specific type of food more than any other. We’ve rarely ever seen her without at least one bag of potato chips, and she’s constantly attempting to try new kinds of chips.


Naruto has always been about the value of friendship and how it supersedes even the orders you receive from your superiors. Along those lines, all the kids in Boruto have developed relationships outside their traditionally assigned groups.

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Boruto hangs out with Shikadai and Mitsuki, Iwabee is close buds with Denki, and Chocho’s best galpal is Sarada. The two work so well because they compliment one another—with Chocho balancing out Sarada’s overly serious behavior and Sarada helping her to be realistic from time to time.


Chocho is a part of Team 10, which also consists of Inojin Yamanaka (the son of Ino and Sai Yamanaka) and Shikadai Nara (the son of Shikamaru Nara and Temari). For long time Naruto fans, this is noteworthy because that makes her part of a long line of ninja known as the InoShikaCho formation.

This group is a trio of ninja who’s powers specifically compliment one another, with them having multiple techniques which all work together to make them effective in combat. Chocho’s group happens to be the seventeenth generation of this group of ninja, and they’ve been training together since before they even entered the Ninja Academy.


Most of the young ninja in Boruto have all pulled from both sides of their families, making them into more well-rounded ninja that will hopefully one day surpass their parents. In Chocho’s case, of course she’s a master of her father Chouji’s Partial Expansion jutsu, which allows her to transform different parts of her body.

But her mother Karui is from Kumogakure, the Village Hidden by Clouds. And much like the ninja from that village, Chocho has learned how to do Lightning Release jutsu. It’s too bad she’s so much of a side character, as it’d be a cool side arc if she learned how to use the Chidori alongside Sarada.


Though Chocho isn’t quite as driven as her partner Sarada when it comes to being a ninja, that isn’t to say she doesn’t have talent. On the contrary, she’s able to use the Akamichi clan’s Butterfly Mode without the use of the Akimichi Clan’s Coloured Pills.

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This is a mode that turns all the body’s excess calories into chakra that can help with the size-expanding techniques. Chocho can use this through Calorie Control, which actually decreases her overall strength but lets her use Butterfly Mode for much longer. This can also come in handy for stealth missions too, as she looks like a completely different young lady.


Though Chocho can be flighty and often distracted by either boys or the latest flavor of potato chip to come out, she’s also relied on as the primary offensive person in this generation of InoShikaCho. This is especially true since Shikadai is the strategist of the group, while Inojin relies on long range attacks through his painted animals.

Chocho, with her Partial Expansion Jutsu, is often used at the frontline fighter, making her a vital member of the team.


During an arc that actually focused on Chocho, we saw Team 7 and Team 10 paired together once again. Team 10 was assigned to look after a famous actor, Tomaru. As was customary with Chocho and attractive boys, she went head over heels for him at first.

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For most of the arc, she tried to use her Butterfly Mode to stay skinny, which caught Tomaru’s attention. But after a talk from Mitsuki and realizing Tomaru initially had no interest in her true self until she saved his life multiple times, she finally realized she deserved better than someone she had to convince to like her.


During the arc where Mitsuki abandoned the village and was believed to be a traitor, Team 7 and Team 10 became a super-group and made the attempt to bring back their fellow classmate and village member. This became quite the lengthy arc where they were forced to travel all the way to the Hidden Stone Village.

During their quest, the group met with the White Snake Sage, who told them they would have to defeat Garaga, a giant snake, to get information on Mitsuki’s whereabouts. Their battle against Garaga went pretty terribly, as they learned he had the ability to petrify people through his spit. Fortunately Boruto managed to talk Garaga into working with them, and her normal form was restored.

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