Boruto: 10 Best Cosplays

Though the story of Naruto's journey to becoming Hokage has come to a close, his adventures go on in his son Boruto, bringing another tale about the leaf shinobi to a new generation! Naruto is infamous for its myriad of unique character designs and Boruto keeps on that tradition.

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Cosplayers are challenged to create the best lookalikes with Mitsuki's extreme paleness, Yamanaka eyes, and Kaguya's horns but some have taken up the tasks and succeeded with flying colors! So let's get to the best Boruto cosplays the internet has to offer!

10 Inojin Yamanaka

Ino and Sai made a really adorable kid and he's a perfect half and half of his parents with his mom's eyes and hair color, and his dad's hairstyle. Such a cutie! Vietnamese cosplayer Myanna Lee brings him to life in his portrayal! The wig looks great with his signature hairstyle hanging over his Village of the Leaf headband.

The contacts are a great touch and really bring the character to life. The addition of the silver earrings that symbolize him being part of the new generation of Ino-Chika-Chō is a great detail.

9 Himawari Uzumaki

Naruto and Hinata had two kids and one of them is the little cuteness Himawari! She's a perfect mix of her parents with her daddy's blue eyes and whisker markings on her cheeks and her mother's dark hair. Hong Kong cosplayer Rico captured this in her perfect cosplay of this sweetie!

She looks exactly like Himawari and even managed to make her wig have that gravity-defying cowlick and wears a too-big hoodie to accentuate Himawari's young age. Rico finishes it off with her pose holding a sunflower.

8 Chōchō Akimichi

Chocho is the only child Choji Akimichi of the Leaf and Karui of the Cloud and she definitely resembles her mother but has her father's love of great food. American cosplayer CutiePieSensei brings this character to life as Butterfly Mode Chocho.

The yellow contacts really make the character pop and the bag of Japanese chips really add a splash of comedy and a signature feature of the character. She even nails the eyebrow color and those cute yellow barrettes! It's great to have a person of color Naruto cosplay!

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7 Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto has gone through many costumes from pre-academy, to when he's in the academy, post-academy, sage mode, and tailed beast cloak, but now he's finally the Hokage and a full adult and has a flourishing flame-hemmed cape. German cosplayer Naru-Cosplay pulls off a great Hokage Naruto!

His hair is perfect and his pose really shows off that hard-earned cloak. And of course, he has the signature whiskers on his cheeks. Naruto has grown up so much since he was that goofy, dorky kid. Now he's a father and a handsome catch for Hinata!

6 Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke is another character who's had a lot of costume changes over the years and his Boruto cosplay has to be one of his best! As an adult, he even completely changed his hairstyle from spiky to far more tamed. German cosplayer lunaticjudai looks nearly identical to Sasuke.

He has a face made for anime characters! His cape looks dashing and the pose with the sword looks very classically Sasuke. It's hard to picture Sasuke being a married man with a kid!

5 Sakura Haruno

Sakura has grown so much from the young girl who only cared about her crush on Sasuke. As her character has matured so have her costumes as she's bloomed into a strong woman. Though her costume has changed pretty significantly she still keeps her red and white colors.

German cosplayer HeavenCatTheRealOne pulls off a fantastic Sakura, wearing the pink wig well and has the bright blue eyes to boot! PandaPrinceass captured this beautiful photo of this very accurate cosplay of adult Sakura.

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4 Sarada Uchiha

Sarada is a perfect half and half mix of her parents Sasuke and Sakura but her costume also has its own original flair with the bright red and glasses. She has her father's dark hair but a similar costume design to her mother. Chinese cosplayer Shiro does a wonderful job with her Sarada cosplay.

She looks practically identical to the character and managed to find red glasses exactly like the pair Karin gave Sarada after her illness. Shiro strikes a perfect pose and managed to get the bang of her wig just right!

3 Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto definitely resembles his father in so many ways from the spiky blonde hair to the bright blue eyes and whiskers on his cheeks. Japanese cosplayer Oumi with photography by MinoruneTomo managed to pull off this amazing cosplay with a practical effect Rasengan created with light and smoke.

No CGI at all! It really brings the ninjutsu of the Naruto world to life. Besides the amazing prop, the costume looks amazing and Oumi manages to pull off the tough hairstyle!

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2 Mitsuki

Though Mitsuki doesn't have a parent per se, he does definitely resemble Orochimaru whom he's cloned after with his creepily pale skin and yellow eyes. Polish cosplayer a4th does an amazing makeup job with this difficult cosplay. Her whitened skin looks perfectly accurate and her yellow contacts and eyelashes are on par!

The wig looks fantastic and she does a great job lightening her eyebrows. The kimono looks superb as well. Overall, she did a wonderful job capturing this well-loved member of Team Konahamaru!

1 Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

We thought we were done with her in Naruto but this demon managed to have her legacy bleed into Boruto's generation as well. She is also considered a rabbit goddess with her horns representing rabbit ears. Russian cosplayer NakagoinKuto with photography by Greed managed to pull off this stunning cosplay.

This has to be one of the most difficult Naruto/Boruto cosplays to make and wear, but she managed to do it with flying colors! NakagoinKuto wears the white sclera contacts and faux eyebrows very well, looking exactly like this infamous villain!

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