Born To Be Bat: Bruce Wayne's Got A New Ride

That's not the Bat-signal you see in the skies, but it is the sign of fresh news coming in from Christopher Nolan's vision of Gotham City as the weekend delivers fresh news about the upcoming sequel.

Reader Marcus Johnson emailed us to note that The Today Show displayed the Bat Cycle, (called "the Bat Pod") on today's show, and you can see video of it at MSN, and there's a photo and feature on it at the Los Angeles Times. The monstrous two wheeler will be on display at the New York Licensing Show tomorrow as well.

In other news, Hollywood Chicago has some fan photos captured with cell phones, showing actor Christian Bale on the Chicago set of the film, while someone posted a Flickr page showing actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart on set as Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent.

Last but certainly not least, faithful reader Tom Stillwell wrote in with this report ...

Last night my wife and I spent our 9th anniversary at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago.

It turns out they are filming Batman right next door at 111 E. Wacker Drive in an office building.

Security was pretty tight but on the scene I talked to a photographer for the Chicago Tribune. We were able to catch glimpses of Heath Ledger out of costume but we also saw a double dressed as the Joker.

Eventually security chased us away but it turns out our room overlooked the shoot. We could see over the security wall they had up but it was a bit harder to make out anything from that height. We did see someone we're pretty sure was Christian Bale in a suit shooting the same walking scene again and again.

Sadly I had no camera with me.

Apparently they will be filming at night in the same location over the next couple of days.

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