"Booster Gold" Soars to Syfy

DC Comics' glory-seeking superhero Booster Gold is poised for a return to live-action television.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Syfy has ordered a pilot script for a one-hour drama based on the character from "Fringe" writer/producer Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti's Berlanti Productions, in association with Warner Horizon Television. Kreisberg, Berlanti ("Green Lantern," "No Ordinary Family") and DC Comics will serve as executive producers.

Created by Dan Jurgens, Booster Gold debuted in 1986 as a failed sports star from the 25th century who, with the help of a security robot named Skeets, stole a Legion flight ring, Brainiac 5's force field belt and Rip Hunter's time machine and traveled to our time to become a superhero. Initially interested only in fame and wealth, Booster evolved over the years, becoming a member of the Justice League (where his friendship with Blue Beetle became a fan-favorite pairing) and, in more recent years, a central player in DC events. In the publisher's "New 52," Booster leads the Justice League International.

The Syfy pilot looks to return the character to his earliest characterization, as a washed-up athlete from the future who travels back in time to become the world's greatest superhero.

Booster Gold has appeared in animated form on episodes of "Justice League Unlimited," "Legion of Super-Heroes" and "Batman: The Brave and the Bold." The character was also portrayed by Eric Marstoff in the final season of "Smallville" in the episode "Booster," written by Geoff Johns.

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