Booster Gold's Return May Have Massive DC Rebirth Repercussions


The best thing about DC Comics' Rebirth era has been the return to the feeling of a classic and timeless DC Universe and the return of many characters that didn’t have the best of time during the New 52 era. Whenever someone comes back — especially if they haven’t been around for a good few years — it feels like another piece of the puzzle has been added, showing a bit more of the final picture.

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Wally West, Ryan Choi, Ted Kord -- these are all characters that make the DC Universe feel like a living, breathing place. In a couple of months, another fan-favorite character is making his DC Rebirth return, as Booster Gold arrives in the pages of Action Comics to help Superman deal with his mad dad’s time-bending schemes.

Out of Time

The New 52 was a weird era for Booster Gold, even more than most DC characters. Prior to the relaunch, the character had finally found his niche as The Greatest Hero The World Will Never Know; traveling back and forth through time to make sure everything happens as it was supposed to, while keeping up the facade of the narcissistic, self-absorbed hero everyone knew him to be in the present so that his time-traveling enemies would never suspect he was actually the one foiling their plots. He found a new family in the form of his ancestor Daniel Carter (AKA Supernova), his resurrected sister Michelle (AKA Goldstar) and Rip Hunter, who turned out to be Booster’s own son.

The New 52 did away with most of that and brought back a more traditional Booster as part of the new-for-the-first-time Justice League International. While still a hero, this Booster was seen as a joke by much of the superhero community, and only Batman really saw his true potential. Then, as Justice League International was canceled, a future version of Booster Gold — looking more grizzled and decked out in an ARGUS variant of his costume — arrived to warn the present day Booster that Superman and Wonder Woman had to be stopped from hooking up, but was too late, and both Boosters vanished in the blink of an eye.

This is where things get confusing. During the Future’s End event, it was discovered that the future Booster Gold wasn’t actually from the future, but was a survivor from the pre-Flashpoint universe that was remade into The New 52. He teamed up with his past self and the Zero Hour incarnation of Blue Beetle during the Convergence event, and ultimately sacrificed himself to save the timestream. However, he was reborn as the cosmically powered guardian of space-and-time known as Waverider and played a pivotal role in saving the past and the resurrection of the infinite multiverse.


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