Booster Gold Can Still Save the DCEU

The DC Extended Universe is in trouble. Big trouble.

Following the failure of Justice League in 2017, Warner Bros. made massive changes to the structure of DC Films, placing the division's movie universe under new management and dropping several projects off the unofficial schedule. As a result, Aquaman, Shazam! and Wonder Woman 2 are the only films left in active production, and while Warner Bros. seems to have no clue where to go from here, some recent news about a previously in-development project seems to be a great place to start.

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DCTV producer Greg Berlanti recently offered an update on the Booster Gold film he was attached to direct two years ago. According to Berlanti, Warner Bros. is still trying to figure out "how it's going to fit in their greater landscape." Of course, considering said landscape has essentially been completely flattened over the last few months, it would seem that there's no better time to green-light a Booster Gold film than right now.

A Much Needed Change in Tone

It has been discussed ad nauseam that the DC Extended Universe needs a change in style, tone and mood. Now that Zack Snyder is no longer actively involved with DC's slate of films, it allows Warner Bros. the opportunity to redefine the identity of its superhero universe. In fact, it looks like that's exactly what is happening, with Wonder Woman 2 being fast-tracked fora 2019 release alongside Shazam! The studio is looking to change audience perception, and it wants to do it quickly.


This is where Booster Gold would fit perfectly into the landscape of the DCEU, to hammer home this recent change of direction. Booster may not seem like the blockbuster name that will fix the DCEU, but the character could do the necessary legwork to "boost" confidence in the future of the troubled cinematic universe. Between the character's bumbling wannabe hero schtick, his time traveling capabilities, and a character arc on par with Iron Man or Ant-Man, he's the perfect choice to cement the redefinition of the DCEU.

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As in the comics, the film would see Michael John Carter of the 25th Century steal a time machine in order to go back and become a hero on par with the Justice League. Given Michael's desire for fame and fortune, he and his robot sidekick Skeets (ready-made for any number of toys!) would struggle with the hero game as Booster tries to gain corporate sponsorships. Of course, he would eventually stumble across a problem with the timeline and be forced into service to protect the world. His character arc would transform him into a true hero without gaining the recognition he initially craved. It's a simple and fun storyline, which is exactly what Warner Bros. needs right now.


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