REPORT: Booster Gold Could Appear in DC's Blue Beetle Movie

Booster Gold Dan Jurgens

In November, we learned that DC and Warner Bros. were reportedly working on a film starring the Blue Beetle. While a few DC heroes have used that name, those reports indicated that the film would center around Jaime Reyes, a teenage incarnation of the fan-favorite character.

Now, another report suggests that Jaime might be joined on-screen by another fan-favorite DC Universe superhero, Booster Gold.

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As Geeks WorldWide reported, a new rumor states that Booster will have a small role in the Blue Beetle film, though the site did not elaborate on what Booster's alleged role in the film might be.

Since the film is still early in development and this is only a report, things are very much subject to change. If Booster actually does appear in the film, it would mark the first time the character has been portrayed on the big screen in a live-action film.

Created by artist and writer Dan Jurgens, Booster Gold first appeared in his own self-titled series in 1986. Hailing from the 25th century, Booster, whose real name is Michael Jon Carter, was a promising football player who got in trouble throwing his own games. While working as a security guard at a museum, he was inspired by displays of the heroes  of the 20th century and traveled back in time to become a hero himself.

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Despite his initial intentions, Booster quickly learned that being a hero wasn't all about fame and glory. Booster joined the Justice League in J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire's Justice League International era, where he formed a close friendship with the second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord.

According to the report, Ted Kord will also appear in the Blue Beetle movie, where he'll allegedly mentor Jaime, like he recently did in the comic book DC Universe.

While a solo Booster Gold movie has been in development since 2016. the current state of that Greg Berlanti production remains unclear, but a cameo in the Blue Beetle movie could pave the way for a solo Booster Gold movie.

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