Booster Gold's Batpoint Makeover is Exactly What the Hero Needed


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Batman #46 by Tom King and Tony S. Daniel, on sale now. And some major facial hair.


So far in "The Gift," Booster Gold has done nothing but screw up.

In Tom King and Tony S. Daniel's first chapter in Batman #45, Booster inadvertently created a dark alternate reality a la Flashpoint after saving Bruce Wayne's parents before they were murdered. Then in Batman #46, he made things worse by introducing Batpoint's version of Catwoman to the Wayne family, bringing about the very murders that he prevented in the first place.

But hey – at least he looks professional.

Yes, after spending a year in this horrible reality of his own making, Booster now sports a fully-grown beard, offsetting his unkempt golden locks and – intentionally or otherwise – looking a little more commanding of respect.

While his decision to go full-on hipster likely stemmed from being stuck in this reality after not packing a razor, that's not to say the look doesn't suit him. If his stumbling, bumbling, continuity-wrecking ways don't speak to his supposed heroism, at least no one will question them if a heroic-looking headshot of Booster appears in the Gotham Gazette.

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If Booster gets out of this mess – and we all have to think he will, even if Bruce Wayne or someone else does the actual work for him – Booster should really think about keeping the beard once reality is set right. If this unfortunate incident ends up on his superhero resume, then at least a more regal, respectful look might at least get him into the Justice League watchtower for an interview.

Of course, that's if he even survives this experience. Batpoint's feral Selina Kyle was calm enough when Booster busted her out of Arkham Asylum, but should he cross her in any way, she might be the one to give him a good close shave. This might be the end of Booster's beard, if so, along with a good chunk of his face – and a fair amount of his blood to go with it.

If this is actually a younger, more immature Booster – as we've previously speculated – then it's possible that he might have grown it for the same reason many men do in their younger days: to look older, more mature, and to gain respect. Because after ripping apart reality and ushering in a world of chaos, poor Booster might not have any other way to command it.

But if he really wants to command respect, he should think about getting a haircut, too.

The journey of Booster and his golden beard continues in Batman #47, on sale May 16.

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