Booster Gold #44

Story by
Art by
Norm Rapmund, Dan Jurgens
Colors by
Letters by
Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by
DC Comics

The only regular ongoing title (allegedly) to tie into "Flashpoint" sees the creator of the titular hero return with this issue. Dan Jurgens (with Norm Rapmund helping on finishes) returns to "Booster Gold" just in time for Booster to be sewn into the world that is unfurling in the "Flashpoint" event.

Scott, my local comic shop proprietor, was calling this issue, "Flashpoint One," in a sarcastic nod to the "Point One" initiative over at Marvel. The thing is, though, Scott's not that far off base. Jurgens climbs back into the hybrid writer/artist's chair and delivers a quick recap of who Booster is and what he stands for before dropping Booster Gold, Skeets, and the reader into the world of "Flashpoint." Luckily, no field guide is needed to determine the landscape of "Flashpoint" and appreciate this issue. Booster serves as your guide, and he's just as clueless as you are, presuming of course that you haven't looked into "Flashpoint" prior to this issue.

That recap is enough to bring readers coming from "Flashpoint" up to speed on Booster Gold and it also serves as a great reminder that Booster has been extremely active in the DC Universe since "52," serving as a "time cop" in the interim.

Jurgens' art is as spot on as ever, offering detail and storytelling on a level that you have come to expect from the creator. His storytelling is clean and his characters are well-defined, a solid match to Jurgens' writing. Reuniting with his creation, Booster Gold, in this issue, Jurgens packs a great deal into the story and visibly has fun doing so.

Hi-Fi delivers some very impressive visuals in this issue. They manage to push the colors, patterns, and textures forward, recognizing and employing the power of the tools available to today's colorists while maintaining the "classic" look of comics past.

Jurgens' return to this book not only marks the start of "Flashpoint" and a keenly-designed welcome mat and open door to this series, but it also sees the return of something far more important: all ages reading. Jurgens is a modern master of delivering stories that have retro sensibilities. Each issue that Jurgens crafts carries itself strongly, offers a good story, and a smart introduction to the world of "Booster Gold." I just hope tying this series into "Flashpoint" gives the book enough of a profile boost to give fans the opportunity to discover the best superhero book they didn't know they were missing.

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