Booster Gold #14

Story by
Art by
Jerry Ordway, Pat Oliffe
Colors by
Letters by
Sal Cipriano
Cover by
DC Comics

One of the all-time greatest covers, in my opinion is "Justice League of America" #190 -- with the entire League subjugated to Starro through the Starro spores attached to their faces. Chris Batista's cover to this issue takes that one step further, with the entire DCU embroiled in a battle royale under the influence of Starro. Batista needs to be put somewhere quickly, preferably on a title smack in the middle of the DCU.

While the cover of this issue may be the highlight for me, the interiors aren't too shabby either. Remender finishes off his two-issue tale within his (and visuals partner Pat Oliffe's) little corner of the DCU, incorporating pieces from his previous fill-in job over on "The All-New Atom". Those pieces appear in the form of Chronos and Lady Chronos, who fill a fabulous function in this story as foils to the noble cause of Rip Hunter and Booster Gold.

One little hiccup nearly derailed the entire story for me, though. During a quick run to the decimated Hall of Justice, Booster mentions to Skeets that the Martian Manhunter hid some weaponry in a special locale within the Hall. Except J'onn was never a member of the Hall of Justice era JLA. I gave myself a minute to push the logic out of my brain (after all, I am reading a comic about time-travelling adversaries battling against and for a giant telepathic starfish) and continued on.

This issue had many of the strengths that the "Booster Gold" title should carry -- cameos aplenty, time-travelling to different eras, Easter eggs, and subtle nods to tales of days past.

Oliffe's art, while always on the lean side (seriously, Booster looked kinda scrawny for an ex-football player), was less so in this issue in no small part due to the fabulous inking work of Jerry Ordway. Ordway's inks are a force to be reckoned with and it is in an effort like this that readers can truly appreciate just how versatile Ordway is in the realm of comics.

This two-issue filler from Remender helped pad the schedule a bit (ironic for a time-travelling hero, no?) for Jurgens' re-debut next issue while also throwing some new toys into the Booster Gold sandbox. Hopefully Jurgens gets a chance to play with those toys. If not, Remender is welcome back to provide Dan with a breather, just as long as Oliffe and Ordway tag along.

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