Boondock Saints: Mob War #2

Story by
Art by
Guus Floor
Cover by
12 Gauge Comics

The End is here. The landscape of the 1960's New York Criminal Underground lies in ruins, and Il Duce stands victorious...or does he? Those left standing may have other plans, including a man now known as THE ROMAN. Join BOONDOCK SAINTS creator Troy Duffy and his Comics' Team for the final installment of 'The Secret History of Il Duce' - as you learn the full story behind events in the hit film BOONDOCK SAINTS II: ALL SAINTS DAY!

THE BOONDOCK SAINTS is ™ and ©2011 Boondock Saints, LLC. All Rights Reserved. THE BOONDOCK SAINTS Comic Series is ©2011 INNFUSION INC + Boondock Saints, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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