<i>Boondock Saints 3</i> Isn't Happening, Star Norman Reedus Confirms

Well, that was a short-lived dream.

Many fans were ecstatic after The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus revealed in an interview last month that The Boondock Saints 3 was "definitely in the works," and he was meeting with director Troy Duffy and co-star Sean Patrick Flanery. Comic Book Resources was on the red carpet in Los Angeles last night for The Walking Dead premiere, and we couldn't resist asking Reedus for an update on the sequel's status. According to the actor, the comments were blown out of proportion -- and it turns out The Boondock Saints 3 isn't happening.

"I came here for something last week, or two weeks ago, and we had a meeting with Troy. I did an interview with like Men's Health or something and the very last question they asked me was, 'So, is there going to be a Boondock 3?' and I said -- I said, quote me -- 'I don't know, but tonight I'm having a meeting with Sean and Troy to talk about it,' and it went viral," Reedus explained. "'He says it's happening!' But I didn't say that. For the record, I did not say that. But I will say that it's not happening. There will not be a part three. Creative differences, so to speak."

Considering it took 10 years for the sequel to The Boondock Saints to come out, it does seem like too much to hope that a third film would go into development only three years after The Boondock Saints II: All Saint's Day hit theaters. Reedus seemed pretty sure a potential Boondock Saints 3 is dead in the water, but we've learned that in Hollywood you should never say never. Just don't expect to hear about it going into development any time soon.

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