BOOM! Town announces R. Crumb Trading Cards

Official Press Release

BOOM! Town, a new imprint of BOOM! Studios, announced today the R. CRUMB TRADING CARDS.

R. CRUMB TRADING CARDS are presented to you by BOOM! Town through an arrangement with Denis Kitchen and Denis Kitchen Publishing.

"I'm pleased have the R. CRUMB TRADING CARDS kick off my new distribution deal with BOOM! Town," said Kitchen. "I originally published this card set in the 90s. They were a big hit, but Kitchen Sink Press went under and they've remained out of print. Robert Crumb gave me permission to bring them back with some updates and cosmetic changes. Now a whole new generation of his fans can appreciate this handy overview of his best-known and quirkiest characters."

R. CRUMB TRADING CARDS contains 36 cards (all different characters with bios on the back) and costs $11.95. The Diamond Code for this item is JAN100823.

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