WWE: The New Day Graphic Novel Gets a Creative Team

BOOM! Studios has revealed the creative team for its upcoming WWE graphic novel WWE: The New Day, which stars the fan-favorite tag team of Xavier Woods, Big E and former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

WWE: The New Day will he helmed by writers Evan Narcisse (Rise of the Black Panther) and VICE Games founder Austin Walker alongside artist Daniel Bayliss (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). The graphic novel will chronicle The New Day's rise to the top of WWE's tag team division, as well as the personal, behind-the-scenes journey each respective member has been on.

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"I grew up loving and watching the superstars of yesteryear but it wasn't until I first saw The New Day that I felt like I finally got the sports entertainment that I'd been waiting for my whole life," said Narcisse. "The wit, charisma and energy that Kofi, Xavier and Big E show in the ring is incredibly infectious and I can't wait to translate all that to the medium of comics."

"Watching the rise of The New Day has been an absolute dream, so bringing their story to comics is a dream come true," added Walker. "The trio of Big E, Kofi, and Xavier have entertained millions around the world not only by being incredible performers in the ring, but by unapologetically being their authentic selves outside the ring. If we can capture even a little bit of their brilliance and humor, we'll have a great comic on our hands."

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"The New Day is the most fun and entertaining tag team in WWE today!" exclaimed Bayliss "I just want to bring the same kind of excitement and joy they transmit in the ring back into the pages of this book."

The New Day debuted as a three-man tag team in 2014 and have since gone on to become six-time Tag Team Champions, including the longest-reigning tag champs in history, breaking the record previously held by Demolition. Moreover, Kingston -- who has been a part of WWE's main roster since 2008 -- made headlines earlier this year when he ascended to the top of the mountain, capturing the WWE World title at WrestleMania. Kingston's reign with the belt lasted 180 days and came to an end just last night, when he was defeated by Brock Lesnar in a title bout on SmackDown.

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Written by Evan Narcisse and Austin Walker and illustrated by Daniel Bayliss, WWE: The New Day is slated to arrive in 2020 from BOOM! Studios.


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