BOOM! Studios "Warhammer: Crown of Destruction" TPB to contain exclusive in-game item

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Warhammer: Crown of Destruction

BOOM! Studios today announced that their upcoming trade paperback, WARHAMMER: CROWN OF DESTRUCTION, includes an exclusive in-game item for Mythic Entertainment's critically acclaimed MMORPG, Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning. Each copy of WARHAMMER: CROWN OF DESTRUCTION contains an unique code to unlock the Book of BOOM!, a special item that has an explosive effect on a player's character!

"I'm so happy to bring together the fans of WARHAMMER gaming and WARHAMMER comics," said BOOM! Studios' Games Workshop editor Ian Brill. "BOOM! is all about telling stories with visual art, conveying our tales of adventure and human drama as comics. Video games are interactive stories, and while their interfaces may differ from ours, the goal of escapism and fun is still present. This promotion is meant to expose readers of comics and video games to see what the other side has to offer."

WARHAMMER: CROWN OF DESTRUCTION is BOOM! Studios' third series from the blood-soaked WARHAMMER battlefield. Greatsword Frohlich, last seen in FORGE OF WAR, leads his men into a clash with the bloodthirsty Skaven. What seemed like just another test of Sigmar's power reveals itself to be more.

Written by Kieron Gillen, gaming journalist and author of PHONOGRAM, and drawn with spell-bounding digital images by newcomer Dwayne Harris, CROWN OF DESTRUCTION takes WARHAMMER fans and fantasy readers deep into the darkest depths of the WARHAMMER universe!The WARHAMMER: CROWN OF DESTRUCTION trade paperback is currently available for pre-order from Diamond Comics Distributors (order code NOV083878.)

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