Boom! Studios Teases New Project from Mike Carey & Mike Perkins

In a tease for a new series from Mike Carey and Mike Perkins, Boom! Studios released a cover image featuring two sets of keys, one of which has a British key tag and is covered in what appears to be blood spatter.

According to the official text,

July 2, 2015 (Los Angeles, Calif.) - As part of its series of announcements leasing up to San Diego Comic-Con, award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios unveiled a new image to tease a new original project coming in October from creators Mike Carey (Suicide Risk, The Unwritten) and Mike Perkins (Deathlok)! Details on the series will be released soon!

Check out the cover reveal below.

Boom! will provide additional information about the series at next week's Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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