Tynion's Something Is Killing the Children Upgraded to Ongoing Series


BOOM! Studios has promoted James Tynion IV and Werther Dell'Edera's Something Is Killing the Children from a limited series to an ongoing "due to the overwhelming early support from retailers and fans in advance of its debut."

"James, Werther, Miquel, and co. have created something truly special with Something Is Killing the Children, and we’re excited to bring readers even more of this strange yet thrilling horror series -- following Erica Slaughter as she faces off against monsters, and we begin to unravel the mystery surrounding her gruesome calling," Eric Harburn, Senior Editor, BOOM! Studios said in a statement. "With many more monsters to defeat and stories to tell, this is just the beginning for fans of horror comics."

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In a sleepy town in the heart of America, children have started to die in horrific ways. The local police are mystified by the brutal murders, and frantic to catch the killer. But they refuse to believe reports of impossible creatures that lurk in the shadows snatching children and tearing them to pieces, especially since the only people who claim to have seen these so-called monsters are other children. Enter Erica Slaughter, a mysterious stranger who rides into town and claims she can solve their 'monster' problem. But can the townspeople trust this dangerous outsider with their children’s lives? And more importantly, can the children trust this strange adult with their secrets?

Something Is Killing the Children #1, by James Tynion IV and Werther Dell'Edera, goes on sale Sept. 4 from BOOM! Studios.

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