BOOM! Studios Launches New Exclusive Web Strip

Official Press Release

Los Angeles: Boom! Studios welcomes latest addition Nitroglycerin to itssite, along with an all-new forums presence. Wizard Magazine's Best NewPublisher, Boom! Studios, has announced today that an all-new, totallyexclusive web comic strip, NITROGLYCERIN, will appear weekly on the site'sfront page. Building off the new content at the site, Boom! Studios is alsomoving its forums from its former home at Comic Book Resources over to thewww.boom-studios.com site.

Written by noted comics blogger Kevin Church (www.beaucoupkevin.com/) and drawn byBenjamin Birdie, Nitroglycerin is the debut of their collaboration together."It's really great working with Kevin, as we share nicely complimentarysensibilities. Which is to say, we both find things funny on a five year oldlevel," added Birdie, creator of the monster webcomic hits "Genre City" and"Kings Of Pop" at http://www.webcomicsnation.com/bb/ and the mini-comic sensation "KevinAnalog." Birdie is also excited about not having to worry about writing fora change: "As a classically trained writer, it's nice to be able to focus onthe art and have someone else worry about the gags. The best part, though,is that if I feel like it, I can contribute jokes as well. It really addsto my overall feeling of superiority over Kevin."

"It's nice to know I can help out with Birdie's inferiority complex,"Church responded. "Seriously, though. I don't want to be that guy, becausewe all know 'that guy' from press releases, but it's rare that I instantly have a working relationship like the one with Ben. Webounce ideas off each other constantly and he always surprises me with howwell his art clicks with my babble."

"This is about having fun, plain and simple," Boom! Studios publisher RossRichie said. "I hope everybody likes it! Comics publishing can often bedriven by big-time Hollywood studio deals, or cross-branding action figures,and generating variants to cash in on collectors. I wanted to findsomething to do that was all about having a good time. We're just hopingthat we can get people to chuckle each week. That, and we're showingeveryone what my true face looks like in the first strip, unveiled in publicfor the very first time!"

"Ross Richie makes unabashedly pop comics that recall the smart blockbustersof the 70s and 80s. It's easy to see why I'm excited about working withBoom!, where material isn't focus-grouped to death and audiences get somereal stimulation from the books," Church asserted. Birdie went on: "Myfavorite thing about Nitroglycerin is what a retro idea it is. These daysmost editorial content has become painfully unfunny attempts at generatinghype. It's nice to see a publisher interested in thoseold school kinds of promotional ideas and who isn't afraid to offer twodamaged individuals the opportunity to roast his life's work week afterweek."

Nitroglycerin will update every week on New Comics Day: Wednesday and joinsthe recently re-started Boom! Studios forums, expanding the content offeredat www.boom-studios.com.

Since being awarded BEST NEW PUBLISHER by Wizard Magazine and nominated forthe same award by DIAMOND COMIC DISTRIBUTORS for 2005, Boom! Studios hasseen an uptick in sell-through and initial orders. Selling most of itsoutstanding backlist now, Boom! Studios is having a record year.

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