BOOM! Responds To Marvel's Pixar Pickup

While the announcement that Marvel Comics will start publishing a "Disney•Pixar Presents" magazine this May wasn't a total surprise to industry watchers, the news opened up a number of questions regarding the company that's most recently published Pixar titles and a wave of other Disney properties: BOOM! Studios.

In fact, all that is known about Marvel's first Pixar magazine is that it will focus on the company's "Cars" property and will be anchored by material reprinted from BOOM!'s own "Cars" comics - specifically the "Cars" series issues #0 - 3 which were published in the first quarter of 2010 and reprinted in the "Rally Race" trade paperback (a preview can be found here on CBR).

Reached for comment on the move, BOOM! Studios CEO & Publisher Ross Richie had the following to share with CBR News:

"The team over at Marvel is some of the best in comics publishing -- Dan, Joe, Axel, and Tom are great at what they do, and I'm sure the characters will be in excellent hands. I certainly love the material they're collecting from our 'Cars: Rally Race' graphic novel. Landy Walker and Marcio Takara were unable to finish their last arc of 'The Incredibles' so I hope Marvel's able to complete the story, I for one would love to read it. Working with Disney and Pixar was a highlight in my 6 years of BOOM! publishing. Those are some great folks! Meanwhile, Mickey, Donald and Darkwing fans can look forward to some great stories from BOOM Kids! and all the BOOM Kids! fans need not fret -- BOOM Kids! 2.0 is right around the corner."

BOOM! confirmed that, yes, the licenses to the "classic" Disney cartoon characters and the Disney Afternoon series like "Darkwing Duck" and "Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers" would remain at the publisher moving forward. Meanwhile, Marvel will begin to prep new Pixar material for their incoming magazine, though a representative for the publisher had no comment on whether incomplete BOOM! storylines would be given a chance to wrap at the House of Ideas.

Conspicuously absent from all discussion of Disney licensed comics was the fate of the recently cancelled Muppet titles from BOOM! and whether that material would also migrate to Marvel. Both publishers declined to comment on the Muppets.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more information on the future of Disney and Pixar comics as it becomes available.

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