BOOM! pits <i>Fanboys vs. Zombies</i> in new comic

Plenty of zombies typically attend Comic-Con -- whether they're dressed as characters from The Walking Dead or simply love Marvel to death -- but this week BOOM! Studios announces a new humor comic that pits Comic-Con attendees vs. actual zombies.

Per the press release, Fanboys vs. Zombies details what happens when a group of fanboys "find one of their greatest nightmares turned reality as San Diego becomes zombie ground zero. Armed only with the undead know-how they've gained from comic books, video games and horror movies, it’s up to one group of friends to navigate the Comic-Con feeding frenzy, and make it out alive! But will the zombie hordes be deadlier than they ever imagined? Can they save their friends along the way, and still make it out with some Comic-Con exclusives?"

The comic was conceived by Ben Silverman and Jimmy Fox of Electus. Silverman is the former co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios, as well as executive producer of such shows as The Office, Ugly Betty, The Tudors and The Biggest Loser.

“BOOM! Studios is the ideal partner for this initiative as no one understands what serves this audience better than they do,” said Fox in the release. “We wanted to create this for the real fans. The comic book junkies, the sci-fi nuts, the horror enthusiasts, the hardcore gamers--every one of them will be represented in our cast of characters. This is for any fan who has ever wondered what would happen if they had to play the role of the hero.”

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