BOOM! launches kid-friendly website to market Disney books

Today sees the release of two of BOOM's kid-friendly titles coming out of their deal with Disney/Pixar -- The Incredibles: Family Matters #1 and The Muppet Show Comic Book #1. To help market the books to kids -- and to help save the children from their more adult-oriented titles -- BOOM! has launched a new website geared specifically to the younger set and their parents. Boom-kids.com features info on both titles, as well as their upcoming Cars comic. They're also offering subscriptions to all of these titles on the site.

"We love the sophisticated stories of the core BOOM! comics; it's what we built the company on," said BOOM! CEO Ross Richie in a press release. "But in the mass market and the direct market, where these books will be seen by children, the branding needs to align with other kids' content that we publish, from CARS to TOY STORY to MUPPETS to other BOOM! original works that we plan to release. The BOOM! Kids imprint allows us to help parents, keeping our message straightforward and branding the kids' stuff clearly, and signaling the older-skewing material as appropriate for those audiences."

So if you're looking for something to buy your kids, check out the new site, but if you're looking for less wholesome titles about zombies, shadowy government thinktanks and irredeemable villains, the regular old BOOM! site can help you out.

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