BOOM! and Steve Jackson Games team for 'Munchkin' comics

Steve Jackson Games announced Friday at Origins Game Fair that it's partnering with BOOM! Studios to produce comic books based on the popular Munchkin line of card games.

In the unlikely event you've never heard of Munchkin, it takes a humorous approach to traditional role-playing games — its slogan is “kill the monster, steal the treasure, stab your buddy” — based on the concept of “munchkins,” immature players whose aim is simply to “win.”

According to Steve Jackson Games, the comics will be released monthly, in four-issue story arcs, available in print and digitally. The print editions will include bonus Munchkin cards. No debut date was given.

"This is one I've been wanting for years now. I've got emails from 2008 and 2009 pushing for a Munchkin comic book (and Steve's been talking about the possibility of Munchkin comics since the game was released in 2001), and I'm excited that BOOM! Studios has stepped up and is running with the ball," Phil Reed, chief operating officer of Steve Jackson Games, wrote on the company's website. "The best part of the comic books -- besides seeing what sort of wacky stories the creative teams craft around Spyke, Flower, and all of the Munchkin characters -- is that Munchkin fans will get to watch as the world of the game expands well outside of its gameland incarnation. I'd go into 'brand extension' and 'lifestyle' and other buzzywordy jargon, but for now I'll just sit back and smile and wait to see what's next for Munchkin."

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