BOOM! and Busiek bring Dracula to the boardroom

Astro City writer Kurt Busiek and novelist Daryl Gregory are teaming up on a new Dracula title, Dracula: The Company Of Monsters -- coming from BOOM! Studios in August.

"So. I'm creating and co-writing a new series about a very, very old character, thrust into a modern world unfamiliar to him in a lot of surface ways, but very familiar underneath," Busiek wrote on his blog this morning.

The book features art by Scott Godlewski and will "take you through the dark corridors of the corporate American boardroom and show you vampires aren’t the only kinds of bloodsuckers!" according to the press release.

“Dracula's a character who's always fascinated me,” Busiek said, “and getting a chance to build something firmly rooted in Dracula's real-world (and Stoker-novel) history, but with a very modern edge, is the kind of creative challenge I love. It's the world's greatest vampire against the corporate world — and there's no easy way to tell who's the real villain, and who's the hero. I'm thrilled to be working with Daryl, Scott and BOOM! on this. Putting it together feels like the early days of working on Conan, and I think the results are going to be a real treat for readers.”

Busiek has written everything from Avengers to Thunderbolts to Conan to DC's Trinity series, as well as the creator-owned Astro City and an upcoming series from Wildstorm that used to be called American Gothic.

Gregory, a member of the Clockwork Storybook writing collective that includes Roberson, Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges, wrote the novels Pandemonium and The Devil's Alphabet. He writes on his blog how novelist and comics writer Chris Roberson helped put him in touch with BOOM! editor Matt Gagnon.

"Kurt ... came up with the idea, the background, the main characters, the outline of the plot–basically, the story bible," he wrote. "Scott Godlewski is the artist. And me, I’ll be writing the word balloons. Now, that may sound like a trivial thing to you, mister, but I’m nervous but amped up beyond belief."

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