BOOM! Adds Levitz to Board of Directors, Confirms Powell on "Big Trouble in Little China"

BOOM! Studios has added Paul Levitz to its board of directors, as announced by the publisher Friday at the ComicsPRO retailer conference in Atlanta.

Levitz is a comic book industry veteran who has spent decades in a variety of roles at DC Comics, dating back to the 1970s. He's served in a variety of editorial and executive roles at DC, including seven years as president from 2002 to 2009. As a writer, he's best known for his long runs on "The Legion of Super-Heroes," and stories like "The Great Darkness Saga." Currently, he writes "Worlds' Finest" for DC.

Additionally, BOOM! revealed the first details of its "Big Trouble in Little China" comic book, as first teased on Wednesday. The series will be written by "Goon" creator Eric Powell, who illustrated the teaser, and drawn by Brian Churilla. John Carpenter, who directed the 1986 film, is said to be on board as an "active consultant."

BOOM! Teases "Big Trouble in Little China" Series

During its ComicsPRO presentation, BOOM! also announced a first look agreement with Cartoon Network giving the publisher the first shot at comic book adaptations of the network's new series, following the success of the "Adventure Time" and "Regular Show" comics. "The Amazing World of Gumball" and "Uncle Grandpa" comic books are both in the works.

In news particularly relevant to the ComicsPRO audience, BOOM! revealed the first details of the "BOOM! Innovators" "Retailer Reward Program," which will offer stores that meet a minimum monthly order benefits including trade of unsold product and promotional items.

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