Books of Magic, M, Spider-Man 2 & 3: May 17th Comic Reel Wrap


The Hollywood Reporter notes that, "Swedish directors Simon Sandquist and Joel Bergvall have signed on to helm Warner Bros. Pictures' big-screen adaptation of DC Comics' 'Books of Magic' ... Mark Canton, Bernie Goodman and Steve Barnett are producing for Atmosphere, with Alan Riche and Tony Ludwig producing for Riche-Ludwig. Peter Riche also will be involved in producing the film. Neil Gaiman, the author of the original story and the novel, will serve as executive producer. Lionel Wigram and Kristen Lowe will oversee for Warners."


According to Variety, Jim Cavieziel will play the lead in "M," an adaptation of a successful French comic book. The budget is planned to be $35 million and the writer and director will be Frenchman James Huth. Shooting starts in august in Montreal and London, and the movie is intended to launch a new franchise.


Empire Movies has a look at the new poster from the Sanaa Lathan-fueled action film, and the official website has been launched in a variety of languages, featuring a plethora of content. Finally, Dark Horizons has a report on a 3-4 minute clip shown at the North American Theatre Owners annual meeting, saying, "It showed Bishop preparing the mission to Antarctica for Weyland Yutani. The team preparing to descend into the pyramid is given a rundown of what it will take to keep them alive as the mission was put together in a short amount of time. When the team descends into the pyramid it is cut off from the surface after a small group of Predators attack. Several members of the team are trapped in a sacrificial chamber and out of the floor rise alien eggs. The eggs open and just as the facehuggers jump there are several quick cuts of the humans fighting the Predators, Aliens attacking the humans and Predators fighting the Aliens. "


The web is abuzz with data about web-spinning sequels. First, the magazine Disney Adventures has interviews with Tobey Maguire, Alfred Molina, Sam Raimi and Kirsten Dunst. It reveals a number of spoilers along with some fun tidbits, including Molina mentioning that he nicknamed the tentacles Harry, Larry, Flo, and Moe. The bottom two, the bigger ones, were Harry and Larry. Flo was on the top-right, called Flo because "she" was operated by a female puppeteer and had little pincers inside that could do things like put on his hat. In any case, you can read one fan's take on it at the Superhero Hype Message Boards.

Also, Sign on San Diego talked to Maguire, who talked about an interesting problem with playing a superhero. "It takes about 15 minutes to get in or out of it. So if I have to take a bathroom break, it's about half an hour," said Maguire.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times talked specifically to Dunst, who said: "Mary Jane is a vital role. The love story is the most important part of Spider-Man, and in this movie it even affects his powers and everything he does even more. just wanted her to be very strong in her conversations with Peter. I wanted her to be a thinker and very decisive with him about what's going on and not pussyfoot around their relationship. I wanted her to be the driving force of what ultimately happens in the story, and I am, and I'm happy about that. She's the one who takes charge."

Finally, Ain't It Cool News is looking ahead to the third film, claiming a scoop on the villain for the third film, with what could be considered huge spoilers.


The Hollywood Reporter notes that Revolution Studios has greenlit a sequel to the Ron Perlman-fueled Dark Horse adaptation.


The low-budget Marvel horror film has recieved an "R" rating, according to Comingsoon.net. And for more on the film, don't miss CBR's recent interview with screen writer Hans Rodionoff.


Comics Continuum has a spoiler and photo laden synopsis of the show's season finale, "The Assault."


Scattered amongst many we've already seen, you can find a few new photos from the furry adaptation at MySan.


Kryptonsite has six new images from last Wednesday's episode, "Forsaken." Plus, Devoted to Smallville has a translation of Ezra Small prophecies from the comic book.


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