BONUS Comic Blogs Should Be Good - Random Panels

There are a lot of cool comic book blogs out there (see our sidebar for a list of a bunch of them), but I guess it is hard to pick which ones you think you'd like to read. So each week, I will feature a guest entry by a really cool comic blogger, and you all can then check out that comic blog after you see how cool they are from their guest bit.

This week, though, we have a second, BONUS entry! This one is short, so I thought it'd be cooler to include along with RAB's fine entry than to use it next week. Today's entry comes from Brandon Bragg, of Random Panels, the only comic blog that I know whose title is incorrect, as Brandon doesn't actually just show random panels. However, what he DOES do is take a fun look at comics via the use of panels from the comic themselves. I know our very own 3 the Rabbit made good use of Brandon's site in the past. It's a really fun place to stop by, and Brandon occasionally does longer essays - those are neat, too.

For his guest entry, Brandon is sharing with us his idea of, in his words, "What if Bob Kane and Frank Miller had collaborated on a project?"


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