Bongo Comics to launch new website (Updated)

So, just yesterday, when we were prepping our Food or Comics? post, I went looking for a catalog page for Futurama and could find no trace of a Bongo Comics website whatsoever. I snarked a bit on this in an internal e-mail to my Robot 6 colleagues.

And now, I'm feeling a little creeped out, because Heidi has the news that they are, in fact, getting one of these newfangled website thingies. That's right: About 20 years after the rest of us, 17-year-old Bongo Comics discovers the internet.

It looks like they are making up for lost time, though, with plenty of content.

www.bongocomics.com will offer regular “Simpsons” and “Futurama” news items and blog updates, as well as announcements of new publishing ventures. A comprehensive history of all Matt Groening’s comic-book, trade-book, and calendar publications, including Groening’s catalog of books collecting his syndicated strip Life in Hell, will also be featured.

Well, OK, that actually sounds like every other publisher's website. But hey, at least they are doing it! As of this writing, the actual website is password-protected, but hopefully the scaffolding will come off later today. It's live! Go check it out.

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