Boneville.com redesign lets us better enjoy Jeff Smith's 'Tüki'

The November launch of Jeff Smith's webcomic Tüki Save the Humans was met with excitement, followed almost immediately by grumbling that the interface seemed as ancient as the adventure's prehistoric setting. But now Smith's Boneville.com has unveiled a redesign that allows readers to enjoy the Reuben Award-nominated comic in an easily navigated widescreen format that better showcases the work of the cartoonist and colorist Tom Gaadt.

“When Tüki began, we redesigned the site for the occasion. Unfortunately, our rollout made Healthcare.gov look good,” Smith said in a statement. “Still, like Rasl, our motto is: It’s never too late to fix it! We listened to our readers and came up with what we hope is a better experience for reading Bone, RASL and Tüki.”

Set 2 million years ago, as a great ice age grips Earth, Tüki is the story of the first humans to leave Africa.

The redesign arrives after the conclusion of Tüki's first season; the second debuts May 16, with updates every Monday and Friday. The first issue of Tüki -- a 32-page black-and-white comic -- will be published in July by Cartoon Books.

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