"Bone Rest #1" and "Grounded #1" Sell Out

Official Press Release

width="127" height="190" alt="" align="right" border="0">BERKELEY, CA -- 15 August, 2005 -- Continuing a string of debut-issuesellouts, Image Comics announced today that both BONE REST #1 andGROUNDED #1 have sold out at Diamond. Despite that fact that bothwere supported by a 25% overship to retailers as well as Image'sstandard overprint, the books have moved through their initial printruns, and with demand remaining high, the decision has been made togo back to press on both, both featuring brand new covers.

GROUNDED #1 will feature a new cover by series artist Paul Azaceta,while BONE REST #1 features a stunning collaboration between seriesartist Giuseppe Camuncoli and superstar painter Gabriele Dell'Otto(Marvel's Secret War).

"When the news started to come in about selling out, I wasoverwhelmed," said Azaceta. "Luckily, I get to do a whole new coverfor the second printing as kind of a thank you to the fans. The newcover has real significance to me, because I couldn't have done it ifit wasn't for the great response we've received."

"I'm really thrilled with the response, both critically andcommercially, to GROUNDED," added Sable. "It only gets better fromhere, and although issue 2 is a great jumping-on point for newreaders, I'm glad Image is going out of its way to make sure that noone has to miss out on our debut."

width="127" height="190" alt="" align="right" border="0">GROUNDED, a six-issue miniseries by Mark Sable and Paul Azaceta,tells the story of Jonathan, a normal kid sent to to a high-schoolfor super-powered children after making a startling discovery abouthis parents. He now has to abandon his superhero fantasies and dealwith the reality that he's actually the only kid at school WITHOUTpowers.

Meanwhile, Matteo Casali and Giuseppe Camuncoli's BONE REST is abouta man named Adam Bone, who has come to New York to settle amysterious debt, but unwittingly brings about the end of days.Critically acclaimed overseas, BONE REST #1 marks the series' debutin the United States.

"Since BONE REST sold out so fast, Image Comics is releasing a secondprinting with a brand new cover by myself and red-hot painterextraordinaire Gabriele Dell'Otto, who people got to know on Marvel'sgreatly successful Secret War miniseries," explained Camuncoli. "I'mso happy with how BONE REST has been doing that right now, if thereal Apocalypse started tomorrow, I wouldn't even notice!"

"We are both happy and sort of surprised BONE REST #1 has sold out sofast," added Casali. "Even after the success it had in Italy, Germanyand France, we could but hope to get a positive feedback from the USreaders as well and... we got it!

"It's a great feeling, because we know well how many books are outthere every week and to be granted so much confidence right from thestart is something truly amazing for us. We can only thank thereaders who decided to give BONE REST a chance – and those whoalready told us they loved it in particular – and everybody at ImageComics who made it possible."

GROUNDED #1 2nd Printing (JUN058278) and BONE REST #1 2nd Printing(JUN058277) are available for order now and will be in stores mid-September. GROUNDED #2 (JUN051784) is scheduled to be in storesAugust 24th, while BONE REST #2 (JUN051773) hits stores thisWednesday and BONE REST #3 (JUL051647) is available for advancereorder right now. Your local retailer can contact their DiamondCustomer Service Representative for ordering.

EXCLUSIVE: LaGuardia #3

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