Bone Creator Reveals Netflix Adaptation Won't Be 3D

Netflix recently announced a new animated series based on Jeff Smith's creator-owned Bone comic, and Smith has already confirmed that the series will not be rendered in 3D.

Shortly after Netflix announced the series on Wednesday, Smith was asked on Twitter if the cartoon would be in CGI 3D animation, or traditional 2D. Smith responded, "2-D! I know, awesome!"

Smith has previously mentioned a preference for classic 2D animation, should such a project ever come to fruition.

The Netflix series isn't the first attempt at an animated adaptation. Nickelodeon had attempted to launch an animated film while the comic was still being published, but was abandoned when Smith refused to allow pop songs to be integrated into the film. Warner Bros. secured the rights to the franchise in 2008, but no film or series ever materialized and the project was recently cancelled.

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Bone was published from 1991 to 2004. Smith initially self-published the series under his Cartoon Books imprint, before moving the series to Image Comics in 1995. The series ran for 55 issues, and has been reprinted in several collected editions available from Scholastic's Graphix publishing imprint. The series has won multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards.

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