Bone 10th Anniversary Edition Sells Out

Bone 10th Anniversary Edition Sells Out

Official Press Release

The Bone 10th Anniversary Edition, which was recently released by Cartoon Books to mark a solid decade of successful publishing, is completely sold out. This totally remastered version of Bone #1 was completely sold out long before it even hit the shelves. This state of affairs is largely due to the incredible number of upwardly-adjusted orders from dealers that flooded Cartoon Books while the book was still at the printers, but which arrived after the point at which Cartoon Books could have increased its already considerable print run, effectively depleting the entire print run, along with Cartoon Books own 20% overprint order, well before it was shipped to distributors.

As has been previously announced, this commemorative Bone 10th Anniversary Edition will never be reprinted or offered again.

This unprecedented sell-out should come as little surprise to those who are familiar with the work of Jeff Smith, the man solely responsible for the award winning Bone series, or those lucky enough to have seen the mock ups and prototypes of the Bone 10th Anniversary Edition. Not satisfied with simply reprinting the first issue of his critical and fan favorite title, Smith went all out to celebrate this milestone by creating a unique and beautiful full color version of that seminal issue.

Smith added a profusely-illustrated eight page appreciation of Bone by noted comics historian R.C. Harvey, as well as an afterword of his own to round out the interior. And then, as if he didn't think all of that was enough for his fans, Smith threw in a fully painted Fone Bone PVC figure and an authentic, full color Phoney Bone Gazillion dollar bill to add that personal touch of whimsy and make this a truly special commemorative edition! All of these extras, with the obvious exception of the Fone Bone figure, which was in its own box, were shipped under a brand new cover and sold at the bargain price of $5.95 retail.

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