<i>Bond 23</i> Almost Locked For 2012

The most grueling fight that James Bond has ever faced is almost at an end. After the 23rd installment in the classic spy series was delayed due to MGM's widely publicized financial difficulties, it now appears that the gears are back in motion for another Bond adventure.

Variety reports on the recent restructuring of MGM, which has left the studio with $500 million in fresh funding. A healthy chunk of that cash is likely to go to Bond 23, as the studio hopes to release the film in 2012. They've got good reason, too, as 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor No, the first ever James Bond film.

With reported intentions of turning 2012 into a yearlong Bond event, concluding the year with a new November-releasing Bond movie seems like the way to go — but the studio is going to have to move quickly to secure Daniel Craig, currently busy shooting The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and committed to the Swedish crime thriller's two sequels, and Sam Mendes, long rumored for the Bond film's director chair.

In other words, hang tight — but not too tight. An official Bond announcement is looking likelier and likelier for the near future.

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