Bombshells Celebration Statue Is An Impressive Batgirl & Supergirl Tribute

The first thing you notice about DC Collectibles' Bombshells Batgirl and Supergirl Celebration statue is its size. It is, simply put, massive, which is something to consider before purchasing it if your shelf space is limited. At 15 inches tall, and a base that stretches 9 inches across at its widest, with a pair of figures that both extend beyond that, this is not a statue for everyone's house, no matter how much you may want to add it to your collection.

Along with the large size comes an impressive level of detail. From the lines in Batgirl's belt to the textured pattern in Supergirl's costume and gloves, Tim Miller's sculpt and paint job give the characters dimension beyond simply being a 3D version of artist Ant Lucia's illustration. The use of metallic paint for the emblems on both heroes' costumes, the weathered leather look given to Batgirl's backpack, the satiny finish of her neckerchief and the dulled, matte finish on her cape get across the different types of material each item is meant to be made from while adding additional depth and realism to the hero.

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The detail doesn't stop there. Batgirl's cape and rope, Supergirl's hair and scarf, and the pair's positioning as though they're moving in separate directions give each character their own sense of movement, resulting in each one feeling autonomous from the other, despite their shared a base. The cloud of dust underneath the Girl of Steel's left boot is a little less effective, looking a little shinier than it really should, though the way it curls around her left boot is a nice touch, one that adds to the character's dynamism.

Unfortunately, despite the obvious work put into it, this is not a perfect statue. While the overall sculpt is well done, and the paint job is quality, the decision to replace Supergirl's eyes with a heat vision effect is less than successful. It's immediately apparent what the shiny red starbursts are meant to represent, but the end result is more distracting than appealing. A far more effective approach would have been to simply paint her eyes red than to replace them entirely with a clear, crimson-tinted resin in an attempt to replicate her power in three dimensions. This isn't a deal killer, but it does detract from the sculpture's overall appeal.

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DC Collectibles' Bombshells Batgirl and Supergirl Celebration statue, sculpted by Tim Miller from a design by Ant Lucia, is available Sept. 25 with a suggested retail price of $250.00. The statue's production run is limited to 5000 pieces.

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