Another One Fights The Dust: Is Freddie Mercury In Avengers 4?

freddie mercury infinity gauntlet

It's been six months since Avengers: Infinity War broke the hearts of viewers by ending with the villain's victory, killing off half of its characters. Some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are still trying to process the loss while fighting to get a certain song out of their heads, even though it didn't feature in the film. "Another One Bites the Dust," by the iconic band Queen, just fits a little too well when you see the characters crumbling into literal dust, one after another.

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Coincidentally, this week saw the opening of Bohemian Rhapsody, the biopic about Queen's lead singer Freddie Mercury. While it's an unavoidable fact that Mercury passed in 1991 and the movie's closing credits make an accurate note of this, Reddit user @dajamtart (and several others) had an alternative take on events to offer.

freddie mercury avengers 4 joke

Playing on the MCU's tendency to tantalize audiences with a closing note about when the heroes of a film will show up again, the image posted appears to be pointing to a future appearance by Mercury in Avengers 4, the untitled sequel to Infinity War. 

Too soon?

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It's unfortunate that fallen heroes from the real world can't be brought back to life, but at least there's always hope for cinematic superheroes. Maybe when Avengers 4 arrives in May 2019, the characters' fortunes will change and fans can get a different song playing on an infinite mental loop. "We Are the Champions" would be nice.

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