Bob's Burgers Movie & Simpsons Sequel in Development By Fox

20th Century Fox is reportedly developing a Bob's Burgers movie, a sequel to The Simpsons Movie, and a Family Guy movie which mixes animation and live-action. The studio will partner with its sister studio, Fox's television branch, to bring the projects to the big screen.

Fox executives are reportedly transitioning its film studio into TV production, with series in development based on Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Ice Age and Night at the Museum. Fox Searchlight has expanded into television as well.

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Fox's approach to animation will be revamped since their partnership with DreamWorks, acquired by Comcast, expired, according to Fox Chief Executive Stacey Snider.

This news comes amid the purchase of the studio's assets by Disney which put Fox in flux. Whether the film division downsizes or closes their doors by summer of next year is unclear. Disney hasn't addressed maintaining Fox as a movie brand or producing new films under it.

What is known is Disney will acquire the rights to Avatar and X-Men. The studio giant also reportedly intends to release movies already complete and in production once the deal is official.

Regardless, Fox is moving ahead like normal. “We’re doing the only thing we know how to do, which is put one foot in front of another,” said one executive.

Snider, however, is expected to leave once the acquisition takes hold.

(via Wall Street Journal)

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