Bobbie Chase Promotion Highlights DC Staff Shift

Reports are hitting across the Web that DC Comics is making some changes to its Editorial structure, though the full ramifications have yet to be seen.

Over at The Beat, Heidi MacDonald has the most thorough report noting that Senior Editor Bobbie Chase has been promoted. MacDonald shares that the position Chase has accepted a position replacing current Executive Editor Eddie Berganza who apparently will move elsewhere within the company.

Meanwhile, Bleeding Cool has a report casting Chase's position in slightly different terms without mention of a changed role for Berganza.

CBR News reached out to DC for comment, and was told that Chase has been promoted and that her new title is Editorial Director.

UPDATE: A representative from DC also explained, "Eddie Berganza is now Group Editor responsible for continuing his work on the highly successful and record-breaking DC Comics - The New 52 line of comic books."

The promotion is only the latest in Chase's fast return to the ranks of the comics editing game. After several years as a Marvel staffer in the late '80s through the 90s including a stint as Editor-in-Chief when the company broke its line into separate publishing divisions. Chase left comics in 2001 during Marvel's bankruptcy era and worked primarily in children's publishing until current DC Editor-in-Chief and her former Marvel boss Bob Harras called her back into the fold where she's since edited titles including "Nightwing," "Batgirl" and "Teen Titans."

For more on these moves, stay tuned to CBR News.

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