Boba Fett: The 10 Coolest Facts From Star Wars Comics Canon

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Despite only showing up for a few seconds in the original trilogy, Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in Star Wars, So, it only makes sense that Marvel would use Boba Fett in their line of canon Star Wars comics. We reread some of our favorite issues featuring Boba Fett and as you could probably guess, there was some pretty cool stuff we learned. We definitely recommend reading the Star Wars comics for yourself, but in case you can't or already have and want a refresher, here are Boba Fett: The 10 Coolest Facts from Star Wars Comics Canon. Enjoy!

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10 He Grew Up A Bounty Hunter Fanboy

There’s something so appealing about a character that’s a bounty hunter. Maybe it’s that we know they have to be crafty. Maybe it’s our cultural obsession with the Wild West. Whatever the reason, that appeal is tripled when the bounty hunter in question is in the Star Wars universe. And that’s not just our opinion. It’s how Star Wars’ most badass bounty hunter feels too. Boba Fett has been enamored with bounty hunting since he was a child. He knows the names and stories of some of the best trackers in the galaxy even as an eight-year-old. Of course, this likely comes from looking up to his father, Jango. Even in a galaxy far, far away, children look up to their parents.

9 Six-Armed Aliens Aren't A Problem For Boba

In the original Star Wars trilogy, we don’t get many displays of Boba Fett’s prowess as a fighter. But not in the Star Wars comics. In the flagship SW title from Marvel, we see Boba Fett go up against a horde of considerable threats, including a creature with a clear advantage. This massive, monstrous beast may have had the edge on Fett when it comes to arms (the literal kind), but that didn’t serve him in the end. In fact, he left the fight with Boba without one of those arms. On the bright side, we suppose that means this alien is a true Star Wars character. Limb loss is, after all, the test.

8 His Gauntlets Hide Vibroblades

Boba is a deadly combatant with or without weapons. However, he still keeps a generous amount of weapons on his person. And just like any good tracker/assassin, he keeps those weapons hidden.

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One such hiding place is in his wrist gauntlets, where he keeps two extremely dangerous blades tucked away. Not only are these “vibroblades” incredibly sharp, they’re actually sturdy enough to hold against a lightsaber. We’ll get to that later...

7 He Uses A Grappling Hook As Much As Batman

Speaking of Boba Fett’s gear, let us ask you a question. Which tool does Boba Fett use the most in his comic book adventures? You might guess his pistol, or maybe his awesome jet pack. But that’s not it. Just like DC Comics' Dark Night (or if you prefer, Gravity Falls’ Mabel Pines), Boba makes liberal use of his grappling hook. He uses it in combat, in apprehending fleeing targets, and yes, in escaping dangerous situations. If only comic book Boba and Return of the Jedi Boba could have a talk about strategy. Could’ve spared one of them a Sarlaac pit or two.

6 He's Got An Extensive Knowledge Of Galactic Criminals

When Darth Vader charged Boba Fett to look for an associate of Han Solo, Boba Fett doesn’t have to think for a moment. He heads directly to the Mos Eisley cantina, where he knows Han Solo can be found frequently. This leads us to believe that Boba Fett has a pretty extensive knowledge of galactic criminals, especially since he’s so familiar with such an off-the-map planet like Tatooine. For all the intergalactic travel that he does, it’s a pretty impressive feat to have all that information just stored in his head. Then again, if we had exclusive information on the whereabouts of Harrison Ford, we probably wouldn’t forget either.

5 He Also Has A Wookiee Sidekick

Black Krrsantan 2

Speaking of Han Solo, there are a few things that the cocky smuggler and ruthless bounty hunter have in common. They’re both brilliant pilots, have a ton of street smarts, and work for Jabba the Hutt. Plus, they both hang out with Wookies. That’s right, Boba Fett has his own furry pal, who goes by the name Black Krrsantan.

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Though the two aren’t as close as Han and Chewie, we do see them going on a few dangerous missions together. And when Darth Vader asks if Black Krrsantan is good at his job, Boba Fett vouches for him. Considering how the bounty hunter treats most people, Boba vouching for someone probably means he respects them a lot.

And that that person is a murderer.

4 He's Fought Luke Skywalker

It’s likely that Boba Fett hates Jedi. That’s why it was kind of a surprise when a very young Luke Skywalker himself got out of a fight with Boba Fett alive. Of course, this could also be due to the nature of their fight. Boba Fett received specific orders from Vader to bring the destroyer of the Death Star in alive, so that the Dark Lord could question him. So it could’ve been that Boba was pulling his punches. Still, using a combination of his lightsaber and the Force, Luke escaped Boba Fett both alive and free. Still, Boba did bring something back to Darth Vader... Luke’s name.

3 He Revealed The Truth To Vader


We all remember the scene when Darth Vader tells Luke the secret of his parentage. But when did Darth Vader learn this truth? After all, didn’t he think that his children had died with their mother in Episode III? Well, he did believe that for a while, but then Boba Fett came along. As he was fighting Luke on Tatooine, Fett found out the mysterious pilot’s name. Since he couldn’t bring back the pilot himself, what he took back to Vader was the information he had gathered. And though Boba didn’t know it at the time, that information changed Darth Vader’s whole world.

2 He Was Deadly Even As A Kid

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Boba Fett started his life as the Galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunter early. You may, however, be surprised by just how early. As an eight-year-old kid, Boba once found himself held at knifepoint by a vicious alien mercenary.

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However, it was only a few seconds before Boba had both the mercenary and her partner gunned down, with the small pistol he had hidden on his person. Boba’s skills with a weapon were already so defined that his father didn’t even intervene to save his son. He knew, just like all of us, that a little near-murder wouldn’t phase Boba Fett.

1 His Relationship With His Father Was Actually Pretty Good

Star Wars isn't known for its healthy father/son relationships. In fact, father figures in that galaxy far, far, away are pretty much one-hundred-percent terrible. However, that's not the case with Jango Fett and his son. Granted, Jango doesn't teach Boba many lessons about morality, but he does have a sincere desire to see his son succeed. Boba has been his father's priority since before he was cloned, with Jango not agreeing to give up his DNA without a promise of a son. And since his "birth," Boba had been taught by his father not just how to survive but to thrive in the harsh galaxy where he lives. Even though it ended early, the Boba/Jango relationship was one of the most solid father/son duos in Star Wars. They cared for each other, and no one had to lose a limb to make the other realize it.

What's your favorite Boba Fett appearance in the Star Wars comics canon? What cool facts did we leave off this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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