"Bob Zombie" Debuts in "Digital Webbing Presents" #27

Official Press Release

(El Dorado Hills, CA) - The world's most famous zombie hunter is out to "kill pertuferatin' flesh puppets" and keep the public safe from zombiedom. Dario Carrasco's and Aaron Thomas Nelson's satirical horror comic "Bob Zombie" debuts in the comic book anthology Digital Webbing Presents #27. In the short story "Dance iZombies! Dance!" Bob Zombie squares off with some fancy-footworkin' iZombies who try to snack on a helpless toddler.

As Australia's most famous zombie hunter, Bob Zombie hosts a reality television show called "Undead Zone" that documents his exploits as a zombie hunter and, further, educates the public about the dangers of zombies. "He's a shotgun-toting, katana-wielding, nothing-but-business, outback kind of guy," says co-creator Dario Carrasco, artist on such notable projects as Darkhorse's Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, as well as Marvel's Alpha Flight, Night Thrasher, and Captain America.

"Bob's just one of those loveable, not-too-bright characters who believes in what he believes in and everyone seems to embrace him," adds co-creator and writer Aaron Thomas Nelson.

Bob Zombie: Dance iZombies! Dance! is written by Aaron Thomas Nelson, and illustrated by Dario Carrasco (Star Wars, Alpha Flight). The short comic mocks all iPod owners (including said writer) and anyone who believes that strollers and mommies (and any combination thereof) are safe. Other Bob Zombie stories (mocking other things) are slated to appear in Digital Webbing Presents #28, Just A Buck Comics, and an anthology due out in 2006, which will introduce other members of the International Fellowship of Zombie Hunters. Find out more at Digital Webbing and Panday Studio. Digital Webbing Presents #27 (40 pages, full color cover and interiors, $3.99 US) is solicited in October's PREVIEWS (OCT05 2941) for a December release.

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