Bob Greenberger returns to edit new 18-issue <i>Who's Who</i> series

Bob Greenberger, one of the original editors of DC Comics' well-remembered Who's Who series, has returned to oversee the new version of the comic-book encyclopedia.

In this week's "DC Nation" column, which appears in most DC Universe titles, Executive Editor Dan DiDio said that Greenberger "is taking on the incredible task of building this series so that it has the same lasting impact of the first one," which ran for 26 issues from 1984 to 1987.

Although the new Who's Who was announced just last month as a 15-issue miniseries, DiDio gives the count as 18 issues, with more than 800 entries. It will debut in May.

DiDio also mentions the 10-issue Legacies miniseries, by writer Len Wein and a rotating roster of artists, and the History of the DC Universe, both of which were announced at the same time as Who's Who. However, it's unclear from the column whether Legacies takes the place of History, or if they're separate projects.

The original Who's Who detailed the people -- both prominent and obscure -- places and organizations of the DC Universe. There were subsequent updates, but none was ever as comprehensive as the original series. The role of Who's Who eventually was filled by the Secret Files and Origins one-shots.

History of the DC Universe was a two-issue series by Marv Wolfman and George Perez released in 1986 in the wake of Crisis on Infinite Earths to establish what was canon now that there was no multiverse.

Greenberger joined DC in 1984 as an assistant editor, eventually becoming an editor, editorial coordinator and then finally manager-editorial operations before leaving the company in 2000. After a brief stint with Gist Communications and Marvel, he rejoined DC in 2002, working as senior editor-collected editions until his firing in early 2006.

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