Bob Dylan - Comic Fan?

So, as a huge Bob Dylan fan, I've listened to every installment of his awesome hour-long weekly radio program, Theme Time Radio Hour, where each episode has a theme and Dylan picks out songs that match that theme (like "Baseball," "Dogs." "The Weather," "Sleep," etc.).

And Dylan manages to work in comic book references more often than I'd ever expect (and some fairly specific ones, too)!

Here are some I've noticed...

One of the big gags on the show is that Dylan pretends that it is an old-time radio show, along with callers and letters (that are all faked - I mean, real people call in, but they pretend as though they are listening to the show live and they also give fake names and locations). He also reads e-mails that are similarly fake, usually with joke names that are obscure but sometimes with joke names that are "gettable," like "L. Lohan."

In any event, on the "Devil" episode, Dylan reads an e-mail from a "M. Murdock, from Hell's Kitchen, NY"

On the "Doctor" episode, Dylan name-checks Doctor Doom.

On the "Birds" episode, Dylan references "It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's..."

During the credits of the "Birds" episode, Oswald Cobblepot is thanked. In case you don't know, Oswald Cobblepot is the real name of the Batman villain, The Penguin.

In the first part of his "Around the World" pair of episodes, Dylan discusses fictional cities, and mentions The Bottled City of Kandor, and explains how Brainiac shrunk it down and how Superman then kept the city in his Fortress of Solitude.

Reader monstermike reminded me that during the "Days of the Week" episode, Dylan name-checked Solomon Grundy (and yeah, I do believe he did actually refer to him as a "Golden Age" villain).

Reader Murray Leader reminded me that during the "Night" episode, Dylan says "“You know, I always loved Batman. The way I looked it, you had to come from another planet to be Superman, but anyone could Batman. And I tried.”

Any fans of the show know any other references that I've missed?

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