Bluewater's "Political Power: Hillary Clinton" Comic In Stores June 8

Official Press Release

Bluewater is pleased to present a unique venture in the history of comic books, a follow-up biography featuring Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. The comic will be released on June 8, 2011.

"Political Power: Hillary Clinton, " which will feature a cover from noted DC Comics artist Joe Phillips, written by Jerome Maida, and drawn by Daniel Fitz, will retail for $3.99. It will be available through comic book shops and several online venues such as Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

Undoubtedly historic, Hillary Clinton's life has had a major impact on politics over the last 20 years. Rather than focusing on her beginnings as the first comic did, this issue will focus on the events that led to her being picked for her current position of power, Secretary of State in the Obama Administration.

"We're excited to bring this book to the table," says Bluewater's Vice President Jason Schultz. "The first comic did extremely well and she remains a very popular and compelling figure."

Publisher Darren G. Davis said, "Our goal is to show the behind-the scenes machinations--many of them ignored by the mainstream media--that resulted in Hillary Clinton becoming the current Secretary of State. A visual medium provides perspective that is not only accessible but more relatable to the average person without losing any of the information involved."

This 32-page comic book will be chronicling this saga, "Political Power: Hillary Clinton" will explore all sides of the issue, from her positive contribution to Barack Obama's ascendancy to the detractors who argue against her attempt to secure the nomination to the bitter end. Though her hopes for the presidency now seem a long shot, interest is still strong and steadfast for what might have been the first female presidential nominee in history. Join Bluewater Productions as we examine the enigma of Hillary Clinton and how she took under her wing the man who would eventually wrest the nomination she felt was destined to be hers.

"I am writing Hillary Clinton from a perceptive of someone who did not admire her at first and throughout the process of research has come to admire and be utterly fascinated by what is a tale that most have not reported on," says "Clinton" writer Jerome Maida. "We delve into how her decision not to run in 2004 helped make Barack Obama a star, how she took him under her wing and how their battle was more personal than many realize--and how close she came to saying no to the position of Secretary of State and what changed her mind. It's a fascinating story."

The "Female Force" issue featuring the first Hillary Clinton biography is still available in graphic novel form with other subjects featuring Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Caroline Kennedy.

The "Political Power" series which has been featured on CNN, The Today Show, Fox News and thousands of other places, was launched earlier in 2009 as a companion piece to the successful "Female Force" biography title. The comic allowed Bluewater to delve into the lives and power and legacy of some of the most important and powerful political personalities of the past generation regardless of gender. Other subjects have been Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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